Questions for 8 28?


Questions for the podcast tomorrow? Drop them here.

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  1. mrpki

    The ending surprise question of the week! Why is the SAMS Report audio much quieter and harder to hear than podcasts from Twit.TV? and have you tried playing XCloud on the Duo yet?

  2. brothernod

    How many handsets does the Duo need to sell for Microsoft to consider it a success?

    Do you think they’ve done a good job with their reveals and will hit that sales goal?

    Who blinks first and announces the price of their next gen console?

  3. madthinus

    Anything from Gamescon last night that interest you?

  4. dataminer49er

    Hi Brad,

    When will Microsoft talk about Scarlett cloud, their hybrid cloud gaming solution? This may be the most important aspect of their cloud gaming strategy, since it addresses both latency and bandwidth.

    Also, Phil Spencer mentioned bringing more third parties to gamepass, have you heard anything about Microsoft making deals with publishers for their back catalogs or new releases? There are some rumors about EA bringing some form of EA Play to game pass.

  5. Usman

    Do you think they'll release the Duo in other markets or make push ahead with Duo 2 instead.

  6. Vladimir Carli

    Is there any word about when xcloud for PC will be released? With apple's unbelievable behaviour of not allowing it on iPads, it can just be used on small smartphone screens. Frankly the experience is very bad and I don't see many people using it that way. xCloud on PC will unlock high end gaming for hundreds of millions of PCs that are not equipped with a discrete GPU so it should be, in my opinion, the highest priority for xCloud. However there isn't even an open beta for it. Why do you think that's the case?

  7. Tourniquet

    Hey Brad,

    is it true that the Xbox Series S probably won't contain a disk drive?

    Also: Which one is better? Xbox Series S or Xbox One X? I know that the Series S will probably have raytracing and also the new SSD / CPU benefits, but what would that mean for all current games? I kinda doubt those will get (m)any improvements other than faster loading times? Or do you think Xbox One X optimized games will run so much better on Series S?

  8. dcuk7

    Hi Brad,

    With how late both Microsoft and Sony are leaving it to announce pricing for the new consoles, do you think there is a slim chance one or both might push the launch back into 2021?

    They aren't giving people much time to save for these things if they do plan to push ahead!

  9. team56th

    - I thought there was going to be another event for Xbox. Have you heard any news about any upcoming Xbox events?

    - Also, when can we finally expect the Series S announcement? Can we expect it before Series X launch?

    - What are some of Microsoft's ongoing silicon efforts have you heard of recently? You told us Microsoft was heavily involved in the development of Excalibur (Snapdragon 8cx/SQ1), there were some rumors flying around about Surface Edition variant of AMD Ryzen 4000, but anything else? Maybe a next gen version of 8cx?

  10. kipkniskern

    What's your NDA on the Duo software? Can you talk about general impressions? Buginess? (and if so, what are your general impressions? ?)

  11. Robteaboy

    I know you can't talk much about the duo, but I think you can answer this one...

    How does it feel in the pocket (both front and back)? can you comfortably carry it around without a backpack or murse?

  12. psychoker

    Hey Brad hope you are doing well, so my questions for the best part of the week:

    1) Could you please show the setup of the Duo, because i want to know if you can choose more than just english

    2) Does the Dui output video over a usb c dongle

    3) Would it be a smart idea to import the Duo to europe

    4) Is a screen protector preinstalled on the Duo

    5) Than an offtopic question how would it be if MS would make a Linux Distro

    Have a great day ✌️

  13. eeisner

    Do you think FS 2020 will be on X-Cloud at either X-Cloud launch or when the sim launches on XBox? If not, how long before X-Cloud can run FS2020 regardless on PC/phone specs? What do you think the main blocker is - a server hardware issue or a bandwidth/latency issue?

    Just for jokes knowing it wouldn't run, I tried to run the sim on my I7, 16gb SL2 and could barely navigate the main menu. I haven't built a gaming PC in over a decade and am completely out of the hardware loop. Think it's possible to build a PC that can run FS2020 for under $800?

    • Vladimir Carli

      In reply to eeisner:

      FS2020 streams data from azure anyway so it should be the best use case for xCloud, It's actually an excellent showcase for Azure and I wonder why Microsoft doesn't make this more clear

  14. rubbb3rduck

    1) Are there any apps that have been created specifically for the Duo that we can take advantage of on other androids. Like: photo app with native OneDrive integration?

    2) I can't seem to get my head around the fact that Msft wants to be all inclusive in gaming (cf special controller) but at the same time they sell xcloud for 14 dollars a month! So if you can't afford a console, I'm sure you won't be able to afford xcloud... Or does msft plan to include xcloud in other game pass iterations as well?

  15. abrankar

    Regarding Flight Simulator and Asobo Studio, do you believe the good performance of that game might encourage MS to acquire the studio? Have a good day.

  16. jnentwich

    With the fact that they are getting rid of Cortana on the Invoke at the end of the year, why didn’t Microsoft switch the Invoke over to using Alexa? Is there anyway to suggest this idea to the Cortana team?