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  1. mikefarinha

    Would Microsoft ever considering adding a virtualized install of Android in Windows? In an Andromeda type of device it could run Windows when in large screen mode and then Android VM once folded.


  2. ne0kn1ght

    Would love to see you guys do a compare on the Lenovo X1 Tablet Gen 3 vs the Surface Pro. :)

  3. Peter klobčič

    I just moved to the states for graduate studies and i plan on buying surface book 2 the cheapest version. Do you know when is usually the best time for good deals on surface hardware?

  4. ponsaelius

    Given Microsoft has no compelling consumer services other than Xbox is "Modern Life" a meaningless concept to win back consumers? Why bother anyway since Microsoft is making so much money in the enterprise?

  5. Tourniquet

    Hi Brad :)

    I heard the Surface Go has a different keyboard connector. Is it still possible to connect a Surface Pro / Surface 3 keyboard to it?

    Also is the Surface Go part of the Always Connected PC thing aka does it have a *very very good* standby battery life?

    Btw what happened To "Windows 10 Lean"? Is it coming to market soon?

  6. dougone

    With Microsoft's strong emphasis on the enterprise market, where does that leave the consumer?

  7. rifferte

    With the Surface Go now released, what (and when) should we expect hardware wise from Microsoft this year?

    • Usman

      In reply to rifferte:

      +1 this question, the pro and laptop are using 7th gen dual cores. Intel are refreshing Coffee lake, could we see those release simultaneously.

      Also elephant in the room, Surface Studio, we give Apple a lot of flack for selling outdated computers, the studio was outdated at the time it was released (900 series gpu when 10 series was out for a while).

  8. jlv632

    Hi Brad,

    I can’t understand the neglect for the Surface Book 1 and the Surface Book with Performance Base? Last Firmware update came out in Feb 2018 but I keep seeing Microsoft announce Firmware updates for Laptop, Pro 2017 and still the Pro 4 within the last month.

    On one hand it wouldn’t surprise me if Microsoft were distance itself from the Skylake processors but that is the same processor driving the Pro 4 that got updates 3 weeks ago!

    Being that we still (Book 1 owners) don’t have on screen dial support and my performance base is under 2 years old… kinda odd being it's a premium device.



    Can Microsoft remove the hinge gap in Surface Book 3 ?

  10. DTCPSS

    Mary Jo Foley heard the next gen Surface Pro "Carmel" will be heavily redesigned.

    Intel had a 2-in-1 prototype called "North Cape" which has very thin bezel in laptop mode. But if the screen is detached, virtual software bezel will appear which ignores the touch input around the screen's perimeter.

    Is it possible for Microsoft to bring this feature to the next gen Surface Pro ?