Questions for 8 30 19?


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  1. MrPKI

    With the upcoming (assumed) Surface hardware event in October, do you think we will see a big discount on existing models in September?

  2. TheJoeFin

    Any idea why Microsoft is being so secretive with Lite OS? Is it still undergoing major changes? Waiting on the right hardware?

    I would guess the sooner they get people working with it and understanding where it fits into their lives or companies the better.

  3. reversed

    Have you heard anything about Xcloud coming to iOS devices (iPhones) as Microsoft has only talked about it going on android?

  4. eternal shaddai

    Hey Brad, Eternal Shaddai here for Sequels Theater. My question to you is this. We have witness the changes from Microsoft from Phil Harrison to Don Mattrick and now Phil Spencer on the Xbox Division side. We saw studios being shut down in the past after so many studios being acquired. How do you see MS keeping their studios for a long time and not having to have a repeat of the past. And when Phil Spencer leave do you see the Xbox Division being the same as to today with the same mindset to work on XCloud etc. or do you see some crazy changes in your mind on Xbox Division. ??

  5. Supergregnuma1

    Hey Brad, back in the Band days Microsoft made a big deal about 5heir 14-15 sensors on the Band and opening it up that system and platform for other companies. Did anything ever happen with that? Are their other devices that are potentially using Microsoft technologies in their wearable?

  6. ngc224

    Most “journalist” are saying “Andromeda” (and yes, Andromeda is in quotes) definitely won’t be announced at the October event, can you say the same?

  7. jwpear

    Will Microsoft offer an option for 32 GB of RAM on the new Surface Book or Pro hardware? I've been thinking over my next dev machine and was surprised that this isn't at least offered on the 15 inch Surface Books with 8th gen CPUs. Seems limiting.

  8. AnOldAmigaUser

    Do you think that Microsoft will take the wraps off LiteOS at the upcoming hardware event, even if it will not be ready for immediate delivery? Chromebook is gaining traction, and trying to move into the Enterprise. Waiting does not seem to be a great option.

  9. shcole

    Everyone seems to agree that all the Surface devices refreshed in October will have USB Type-C instead of surface connect. Have you heard anything about the Type-C charger connecting magnetically, like surface connect does already? They had a patent for one a while back that looked promising.