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  1. Averroda

    Brad do you believe the delay of the new Skype UI to the UWP version is due to a larger involvement for this app?

    Mary John Foley mentioned last week about her thoughts on Microsoft bulding out Skype to include a larger phone experience. Just wondering if the delay of the new UI for the UWP version might be to due to adding new features? Maybe to include phone connectivity in the future?

  2. mercblue281

    Azure RemoteApp is being retired in 7 days. This makes me sad. MSFT still gets our $$ as I setup a Remote Desktop Session Host server on Azure.

    This will probably be ok but it was nice to not have to foot the whole bill for an adequately performing server VM.

    Question though - RDS is good for Win32 applications but there isn't much guidance on running Edge, OneDrive or other modern store apps in a remote desktop session. I know there aren't many apps to use in this context yet but hopefully there will be. Is there any discussion at MSFT as to how more advanced applications can be distributed via store but also used in a remote desktop environment?

  3. plibken

    Any news on the Home Hub front? Or has it already been abandoned before launch?

  4. Lewk

    My Surface Pro 3 automatically received the Creators Update the day after it started rolling out back in April. Yesterday, Microsoft rolled out new Firmware and Drivers for the Surface Pro 3, which includes support for the new Type Covers, but only for those with the Anniversary Update or older. Why would Microsoft do this to me?

  5. Usman

    On both my desktop and laptop (both on insider builds), Windows will relaunch all the applications that were active before I clicked shut down or restart. When booting back into Windows, all the applications that were open before shutting down / restarting, will start launching again.

    I haven't done anything to enable this behaviour, pick up where you left off is turned off and this still occurs. Fast start up is turned off

    It becomes a pain when I shutdown with high ram applications open (chrome with multiple tabs, Visual Studio, games) and then on start up, Windows will relaunch those applications.

    Have you or anyone experienced this, how can it be disabled and if anyone agrees it shouldn't be default behaviour, you can upvote the issue on the feedback hub here :

    • adamjarvis

      In reply to Usman:

      This sounds more like you have hibernate to disk on shutdown enabled. Not sure where it is under the new settings on FCU Insider builds, but under the old control panel its -> Hardware and Sound -> Power Options -> System Settings

      Check the options for 'When I press the Power Button' or 'When I Close the lid', check it doesn't say hibernate.

  6. Peter klobčič

    will we get a Microsoft edition of Samsung note 8? would it be too much to hope for maybe windows 10 on arm when docked?

  7. will

    Any thoughts on what we might see with the next Surface Book? Do you think there will still be a Performance Base model?

  8. ponsaelius

    Does the poor quality of the Windows Store make WIndows 10 S irrelevant when people can have a web based apps on Chromebooks using the browser they want?

  9. veroach

    With Paul constantly harping on the Store:

    1) Exactly what app is he soooo missing that is not there?

    2) With MSFT opening up its apps to the world, why not embrace android apps and just flood the store -- end the argument day 1?

    Simple - if it involves apps - it's best done HERE!!!