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Questions for the podcast tomorrow? Drop them here.

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  1. Andres

    Hi Brad!

    I know it-s only about 3 weeks in, but after the invite mentioning experiences, and Tom Warren as pumped as Panos...what are the odds of teasing/showing Centaurus and Windows Lite?

    They need a hero device for it, but then if they keep posponing it, partners are going to show new, modern devices with an OLD OS, like the Lenovo foldable tablet/pc.

    What do you think, Brad?

  2. mmcpher

    PT - any second thoughts, buyer's remorse on the Note 10+ in light of Apple updates?

    Have you been using the S-Pen, or plan to do so? It is the sort of feature that you have to force to appreciate but it is a very good added value for hand-writing-to-text and for very precise screen selection (photos, etc.)

    I saw Tom Warren in supervised play with a Samsung Fold. Even if its fixed, the market won't be ready at that price point, so it's not surprising that there hasn't been even a fold-able shadow over the Apple event or the Samsung Note 10 launch. But something's coming someday. Maybe some reference in October? If you've had a chance to work with the Dex you can see that there is an un-filled niche out there, as nothing has really bridged the desktop-to-mobile gap, from either shore.

  3. anoldamigauser

    Do you think that CoreOS/LiteOS is going to skew more towards Windows, or more towards ChromeOS? It seems to me that if they make it capable of running Win32 apps, it will defeat the purpose. It will be too complex to easily maintain or quickly redeploy.

    On a related note, given the abject failure of Windows RT and Windows S-Mode, is there any possibility that Microsoft can market this as a non-Windows device; or can we assume that they will, as always, miss when setting expectations and doom the effort?

  4. rossfinnie

    Hi Brad,

    Do I understand this correctly, if I get XBOX games pass ultimate, my existing gold live converts 1 to 1? So for 12 months of gold live I get 12 months of ultimate (only for the initial conversion).

  5. ngc224

    Has Microsoft given up on Continuum?

  6. jMawgDog

    Brad, this is my first post ever after lurking as a premium subscriber since launch...

    My question is a hypothetical for you and Paul:

    If Windows and office were to be just disappear, what OS would you gravitate towards? Mac or Linux? Would you, if you didn't have a need for the "horsepower" of a PC just move towards a tablet OS or Chromebook instead?

    I often wonder what a post-Windows future would look like... as an IT manager and someone heavily invested into the MS ecosystem, if I was no longer needing a full PC, where would I go.

    You guys do a great job and I subscribe because I believe your articles and hard work deserve compensation.

    Jason from Pittsburgh

  7. kcnewf

    Based on the rampant Pixel 4 leaks, does Paul have plans to trade in his Note 10+ for the Pixel 4?

  8. MrPKI

    I thought I would mix it up this week for you. :-) Have you tried playing Gears of War 5 cross-platform like some of us in the Premium Community and Paul Thurrott? Impressions?

  9. averroda

    Brad, I got two questions for you this week.

    1) Thinking about Your Phone app, could you see this as a long term solution to getting a "phone" into windows 10 without having to search for seperate apps within the os? My thinking is right now your phone just emulates an android phone but I could see if adoption increases with the app, what is to stop Microsoft from leveraging an ARM chip and having the your phone app to just act like a phone on windows. I could see this being useful years down the line once devices become pocket able. What are your thoughts?

    2) With windows core OS on the horizon, would it be possible for Microsoft to replace the kernel one day if they so desired? Maybe a micro kernel of some some sorts?

  10. andrewtechhelp

    Heya Brad,

    With the Microsoft event on the 2nd of October in NYC, is there going to be a meetup at a bar with yourself, Paul & Mary Jo?


  11. madthinus

    You picked an iPhone yet to buy?

  12. Usman

    I read a lot about Teams being a great success, annecdotally at different start-ups and enterprises I've worked at, they've been reluctant to either move to teams, keeping SFB and Slack in tandem or moving to a Slack & Zoom combo while keeping O365

    Is Teams relying on existing companies shifting away from SFB rather than capturing newer Team/O365 customers.