Questions for 9 18?


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  1. mrpki

    The ending hard question as usual: What ever happened to the Windows Insider tip of the week?

  2. jnbck

    This week on Windows Weekly, Mary Jo and Leo had complaints about the rotation and intuitiveness of their Surface Duos. Do you expect these behaviors to be an improvement on Neo where Microsoft will be using their own OS?

  3. Vladimir Carli

    On the first ring daily episode after the PS5 release you said that Playstation has nothing similar to gamepass. But during the event Sony presented PS+ collection which is actually the same concept. Sure, there are 20 games instead of 100 and no titles at first release for now. But the collection even if small is rather impressive and made of great titles. If marketed correctly (which Sony is great at) couldn't this be a very good response to gamepass?

  4. dataminer49er

    With the Tiktok saga out of the way, MS has shown they have the money and the willingness to spend it on a major acquisition in the 10-50 billion range. Where do you see them making a big deal, Azure, gaming, or another consumer tech company like Spotify?

  5. bishbash93

    On Surface Duo, we know you can set up App Pairs.

    1) Does this work with files - a 'File Pair'? i.e. pairing a PDF document to an Excel spreadsheet on the home screen to open side-by-side with one click?

    2) Can you launch multiple instances of the same app side-by-side either manually or as an App/'File' Pair? i.e. two Excel spreadsheets, two Adobe PDFs, etc?

  6. sydney2k


    given last week's leaks by you, Walking Cat and Windows Central were literally gamechangers for the launch of the nextgen systems, how do you think ultimately your articles changed the Series console launches? Good and bad? And how do you think they affected the Playstation 5 launch?

    (I did watch your previous video regarding the Playstation launch, I figure there was more behind it than people know.)

  7. psychosuperman

    Any word of the disc to digital initiative? If Microsoft enables that for the Series S, it would be a big advantage over the all digital PS5.

  8. Scott Ross

    Do you think the Duo is a worthy descendent of the Courier?

  9. jtdwab

    A few questions;

    1. Since MS is looking at GamePass as a good source of constant revenue do you think it would be possible for them to develop an App to allow GamePass functionality on the PS4/PS5? Much like wrapping GamePass for console and PC under Ultimate, adding PS support would change the game entirely. Sony's approval of that App is a whole different discussion.
    2. Any guesses on the cost of the XBox Series X/S expansion drives?
    3. Have you strategized any for upgrading your PC's graphics card to Nvidia 30 series card for MS flight sim?
    • sydney2k

      In reply to jtdwab:
      Even if it was possible to develop an PS app that would link to Gamepass (xCloud seems more plausible) I would doubt that Sony would allow any gaming app that changes focus away from the PS environment to a competing environment.
      The second thing is that Phil Spencer has categorically ruled out any Xbox app that does not provide the full Xbox experience. This is why people have discounted any thought of a Xbox game streaming app on the Nintendo Switch.

  10. 9to5surface

    1.What are the specs available for the rumoured surface sparti!!!

    2. Any new surface pro or studio this year

    3. Tell us about Microsoft ignite!

  11. jaffa cake king

    Any idea if Microsoft have a Series X digital edition in the works? I'd like to go with Xbox but a digital PS5 that's $100 cheaper is very compelling.

  12. eeisner

    Now that all of the Duo reviews are out and seem to have reached a fairly consensus opinion on the product, what do you think is going through Panos' head right now? Think this is what he expected? Slightly disappointed?

    We all know Microsoft always gets things right on V3. Other than camera and bug fixes, what do you expect to be the number one priority to get this from essentially a beta product to something you'd recommend to consumers?

  13. Usman

    How do you think the Series S sales would fair, knowing now that for $100 more you get a more powerful console with the PS5 digital?

  14. peter g

    What game drive would you say is the best to get for the Xbox Series X? P.S. thank you for being a great source of news for the next gen consoles.

  15. abrankar

    Do you think Xbox is going to have another Games Showcase before 2021? I think next month sounds plausible, but November would make more sense. If so, do you think we will finally see what The Initiative's game? What about Hellblade 2 or Project Mara? And overall predictions for the show.

  16. Costanza

    Are there any plans to allow family purchase sharing for xbox? You can already do it with your office sub in the Microsoft family portal. Game sharing works well until you have more than one console. Any idea if they are working on something?

    • Usman

      In reply to Costanza:

      I've been wondering that too, would there be a game pass family option for a multiple console / household scenario through? There is the Xbox Family app, so they have the capability to group accounts into a family.

  17. tarpley91

    Its looking like the Halo delay will be a net positive for Xbox. I'm thinking the Series X-S will sell all the units they would normally sell this year (with or without Halo), and then Halo gets to serve as a "second wave" of launch sometime in 2021, bringing in more customers.

  18. jheredia

    Do you expect Duo to follow the release cycle of "phones", a new version each year, or Surfaces, a new version some time between a year and...well...infinity? I'm just wondering about the pace of refinement for it I guess.

    Thanks for all you do!