Questions for 9 20 19?


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  1. emanon2121

    Is Centaurus a Health Band type project? Meaning give it two generations and then give up.

  2. MrPKI

    Looking forward to the October hardware event, have you already received an embargoed briefing in advance of the event?

  3. Rick

    Happy Friday Brad, They are reports that there won't be a SurfaceBook refresh at the October event and I am thinking that might make sense. I think earlier this year you and others reported about a redesigned Book for 2020, so I can see them holding off on just a spec bump for now and waiting for the redesign. Do you think that's the case?

    Sometimes you all are under nda, but who else are you expecting to announce new laptops before the end of the year? I will be in the market for a new laptop this year and I am waiting till at least November when most will be announced.

  4. psychoker

    Hey Brad,

    First Question : Would it be possible to emulate an android phone on Windows 10 or Lite devices with LTE. So it would be possible to have a phone with Centaurus or when it happens Andromeda.

    Second : What do you think about a Planner/ Organizer app like a Filofax with Microsoft Services. One App that contains OneNote / Outlook E-mail and Calendar / Contacts / Sticky Notes / OneDrive and you could use the pen to write in the calendar / link stuff together. A little bit like an old Windows Pocket PC PDA.

    Have a great day ✌