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  1. mrpki

    The final XBox insider questions of the week: Is there anything on EA play that is worth playing now that it is available on XBox Game Pass? and do you think an Halo Infinite XBox Series X branded console is actually already built and is being held in a warehouse like in an Indiana Jones movie?

  2. PhilipVasta

    Hey Brad, I'm copying this question to you and Paul, very interested to hear your responses.

    TL;DR - Do you think there is any chance Microsoft would consider an acquisition of a music production program?

    This is perhaps somewhat of a personal wish, but Microsoft's ZeniMax purchase has me thinking: Microsoft should buy a small audio production program, in particular Bitwig Studio. The companies seem like a really good match.


    Very small team (like 5 devs), probably not expensive

    Committed to writing across Windows, macOS, and Linux which fits with Microsoft's cross-platform focus

    Was featured in the debut video of the Surface Book in 2015


    Seems to care about the creative market

    Proven to be a good at letting acquisitions do their own thing while supplying funding (Minecraft, LinkedIn, etc)

    Seriously, I'd love to see this.

  3. jficara

    Hi Brad,

    my name is Joe

    The channels strategy Amazons Luna is using appears to be compelling for game studios I am speculating because it gives them more visibility and revenue control but not as good for consumers as it seems likely to be more expensive for them in the long term. What impact do you think this will have on Xcloud in terms of content.

    Do you think Microsoft is working on a browser implementation of Xcloud, have you heard anything yet?

    Do you think 2021 is the year of Linux on the desktop now that Lenovo is going in seemly full steam ahead and Microsoft’s on WSL should be getting GUI support soon?

    Any recommendations for VR headsets that would work well with msft flight simulator?

    thanks again to you and Paul for all the great content.

  4. dataminer49er

    Hi Brad,

    During their 2019 E3 event, Bethesda made the announcement of Orion, a cloud streaming SDK that makes existing cloud game streaming services better by lowering latency and bandwidth usage. Have you heard anything about how this technology has progressed and how Microsoft may leverage this technology?

  5. Usman

    three questions, one gaming and another enterprise-ish.

    1) Walking cat mentioned project helix, then deleted it, looking around I got mixed signals, some said it was to turn PC into an Xbox, others say it was unifying games development using UWP (which I believe is now evolved into Game Core). The only other information on it is pretty outdated, around 2016/17.

    2) With Stadia, Luna and Geforce Now accessible through a browser, why isn't xCloud? Have they made a choice to limit to phones because of the 720p streams?

    Now the enterprisey question, how has Teams faired in education?

    Anecdotally, I always hear about Zoom classes but never google meet or Teams. I work for a large enterprise, and I was surprised at the end of 2019 that they announced a move to from Skype for Business to Zoom instead of Teams. They are a large O365 tenant and have only just started to evaluate Teams, as the business decision makers had no clue about it when I asked them why they didn't move to Teams at first.

    Hindsight being 2020, should they have kept the name as Skype Teams, to leverage the popular Skype brand and make it seem an evolution of Skype, rather than make it seem like another Microsoft service.

  6. sydney2k

    Hi Brad,

    Everyone in the gaming world is talking about the Microsoft acquisition of Zenimax/Bethesda, but something that no one is bringing up is the role of CFO Amy Hood in this. It's obvious that her and her area would have been very close to negotiations over the purchase- after all, she holds the purse strings, and $7.5 billion isn't to be sneezed at.

    So, what is Amy Hood like? It's obvious she is a very capable operator- anyone holding her kind of position has to be. Does she know what is happening in every nook and cranny of the company, or does she handle each project that ends on her desk on its own merits? Does she rubber stamp each project, or is she the final word?

  7. cpsterndog

    Hey Brad,

    Have we heard from either Microsoft or Sony how many *simultaneous* USB hard drives the next gen consoles will support? Currently, the Xbox One can use up to two at the same time, and the PS4 can only use one at a time.

    I understand that I won’t be able to *play* next gen games from these hard drives — but as I understand it you will be able to store next gen games on them and move them to the main system SSD as needed when you want to play them. Not ideal, but it’ll have to do for me until the new SSD prices come down.



  8. Vladimir Carli

    What do you think is pulling back Microsoft from releasing xCloud for PC? I can't wait to transform my laptop with integrated graphics in a gaming computer. Do you think it could be related to the fact that many gamers on pc would expect to be able to play with mouse and keyboard? Is there any word if xCloud will support this?

  9. rossfinnie

    Hi Brad, do you know from when EA Play will be available on XBOX game pass and do you have any preferred/recommended EA titles you enjoy playing?

  10. abrankar

    DId you know about the Zenimax acquisition before hand? How did they managed to keep it from being leaked? And do you know if MS is going to go shoping relatively soon?

  11. bart

    Hi Brad, what is/are the most important announcement(s) for you at Ignite? Why?

  12. colin_neal

    Hi guys ? love your show and watch religiously every day. I was wondering if you thought that xcloud could effectively boost the (graphical) power of Xbox X/S games? Ie the cloud could be additive to the hardware? Thank you and have a great weekend!

  13. matobehr

    Amazon Luna looks like amazons Stadia, down to the wifi connected controller. While amazon is actually calling its launch an early access period, I still feel that both xcloud and stadia are in beta despite being fully launched platforms. Looking to the short term, what do you see having the most potential for growth? The long term? Will sony show any interest in expanding playstation now?

  14. kenhes

    Do you know...

    If I have an XSX optimized version of a game on an SSD expansion card, will that game work if the card is plugged into an XSS?


  15. gregsedwards

    Is there a compelling reason for casual gamers to replace a working Xbox One S/X with a new Xbox Series S/X? Besides picture/frame rate quality, are there any features that will be limited to the new hardware? Seems like everything is backward-compatible. As a Microsoft enthusiast, of course I want to run out and get a new console, but as the owner of four current consoles and kids who constantly want to drain my wallet directly into Apex Legends, I want to be strategic about my technology spend.

  16. rubbb3rduck

    Hi Brad, does the acquisition of zenimax media mean that this studio will develop for game core first and then port to other platforms? And am I correct in saying that games will then be more streamlined towards xbox and pc and less smooth for PlayStation?

    Second question, will games from ea play drop out of game pass at some point in time, like most third party games? Or is this deal exactly what makes it special? In that games will stay in game pass.

  17. Kudupa

    Hi Brad, I have 3 questions relating to OneDrive & photo backup.

    1) Why Microsoft doesn't want to separate photo backups from OneDrive?

    2) They can make a photos app cross-platform and bundle it with Office subscription.

    3) Google's Photo app is garbage when it comes to editing, Microsoft can take advantage here by releasing an app and may be bundling this with next Samsung phone & Duo. What you think?