Questions for 9 27 19?


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  1. madthinus

    Any of the Amazon announcements that has caught your eye?

  2. stevenlack

    Brad, I have so many questions about the Surface event and what we might see, but I'll keep it short. Seems like the event is being really hyped by the company.

    A few things

    1. Do you expect Centaurus to appear? Seems like we really might get a sneak peak of it.
    2. Do you expect Surface buds to appear?
    3. What do you think the sound(s) are from the Surface tweet yesterday?

  3. ngc224

    Is black the new black this October?

  4. simont

    The battery on my iWatch series 2 is slowly dying so its time to upgrade. Which would you get? iWatch Series 4 or 5?

  5. BucksterMcgee

    How many hats will you eat if Microsoft releases a "phone-like" Surface? ;)

  6. psychoker

    Hey Brad 2 questions:

    1. Can we expect Teams for life at the October event?

    2. Do you think that Microsoft will offer at some poit something like Microsoft Ultimate Cloud Pass that includes Windows 10 / Lite in the Cloud + Xcloud + Teams for life etc . So that you could just carry one device for everything from a phone to a pc laptop to a game console.

    Have a great day :D

  7. will

    You and others have mentioned that the upcoming Surface hardware will quite possibly not include Thunderbolt 3 on the devices. However, could there possibly be a new Surface Connect type interface? Something with greater bandwidth and Thunderbolt 3 on a new dock?

  8. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    a week and a half ago you mentioned that the Microsoft was going to shake up how it reported the XBox earnings to basically a percentage of revenue growth, including services, royalties, but not console sales and not numbers of subscriptions. Most comment I've seen only concentrate on the XBox side of things, but how does this compare to Microsoft as a whole? Is it consistent with what other divisions have to report on, for example, Azure, or Office? And how does the Surface division report- are they reporting on numbers of hardware sold? Unlike XBox, Surface has little to offer in services- it's all basically hardware.

  9. jasonincognito

    I have a job opportunity in the Cincinnati area. I currently live in Seattle. Any advice?

  10. helix2301

    How can I get a signed copy of your book?

    Is there a second book in works or an idea for a second book?

  11. team56th

    Hello Brad. Quick question.

    Is Surface Pro with Excalibur / Snapdragon 8cx still alive?

    If so, why aren't we hearing about it as much as we do with AMD-powered Surface Laptop 3?

    If not, what's stopping the release?

  12. Usman

    Aside from devices, what should we expect / keep an eye out for during the event.

  13. Tourniquet

    Hey Brad,

    do you know what's going on with Vibranium Builds / 20H1 right now? It seems like Vibranium has been forked off to 18xxx _release branch. Does that mean 20H1 is already "done"? Will they now only "bugfix" this release till next year? Usually they branch off a release about 3 months before, not half a year before.

  14. MrPKI

    Are you still using only Credge or have you moved back to Chrome/Firefox?