Questions for 9 4 20?


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  1. lenalfred

    Do you have any new information about the Surface Studio Monitor (only)? Do you have a confirmation that it will be part of the Fall hardware event?

  2. lenalfred

    Oh, one more thing. What are your favorite tater tot toppings?

  3. will

    When do you think we could expect Microsoft to announce the pricing and pre-order availability for the Series X? Any idea if there will be a special launch edition or higher storage versions?

  4. thrustbucket

    Hi Brad. Two questions for you.

    Question 1: With the success of gamepass and the skepticism about Microsoft Movies and TV sticking around, how likely do you think it is that at some point Microsoft will start adding streaming movies/tv to gamepass? It almost seems like a no-brainer as a value add to gamepass. Even if the content is older and/or has ads.

    Question 2: I feel like the best evidence we have so far that the Series S is digital only is the fact that physical games are already hitting shelves with series X logos. If Series S had a disc drive, it would be extremely messy to try and correct the messaging already arriving on shelves. Do you agree?

  5. Vladimir Carli

    Is there any rumour/insider information of what will happen with xcloud on iOS? Did Microsoft give up completely on it or do they have some hope that it will come out at some point?

  6. bigbradbad

    Any news or rumors of a Surface Pro redesign announcement this fall, similar to the Surface Pro X design? Have you heard of any Surface event in the Fall?

  7. ngc224

    If Microsoft is betting the farm on “Duo” v2, why doesn’t Microsoft just say, “v1 is not for normal people, wait for v2”? Leave v1 for hardcore enthusiasts. I don’t know why Microsoft always feels the need to be so deceptive.

    …and change that stupid name!

  8. sherlockholmes

    Hi Brad, im a few weeks in with my iPhone and so far so good. Im glad I god rid of Google mostly except Maps, Youtune & Photos. But isnt it possible to transfer files from your PC to the phone via the usb/lightning cable? Somehow that doesnt work for me.

  9. Usman

    Can you go through those surface leaknames that the reborn walkingcat posted, the time frames.

    Aren't the next two months the time frame for new surface announcements?

    Also how far along the pipeline is zeta / duo 2.

    Carinad and Caycous are surface Pro X and pro related. Arcata and Lucca are supposedly 5G and 120hz, does that mean the entry / standard pro and X won't have 120hz screens?

  10. simont

    TikTok signed a $900 million deal with Google for three years of Cloud Services in September last year. If Microsoft, Oracle or any other company does manage to buy TikTok, will they be continue to use Google Cloud or rather pay Google to get out of the deal?

  11. proftheory

    It's good you gave Paul a timeout for dropping the F-bomb yesterday. I didn't catch it at first until he made mention of it and then hit back button to catch it. I think that is one of the symptoms of COVID (cabin) Fever.

  12. team56th

    So....... What was that about Series S "leak"? Any behind the scenes stories on how that occurred, how you got the green light to publish in the middle of the night, and all the $#!+storms that ensued until the morning?

  13. madthinus

    Any blow back from the leak?