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  1. alaskanjackson

    A broader question. For a long period it seemed hardware drove software adoption/development. Lately there's a dearth of innovative hardware at the retail level. Cloud based software and supported hardware haven't really pushed hardware innovation either? Finally my question. What are the one or two areas you see as catalysts for significant hardware innovation. You rock, so does Paul.

  2. ukaaay

    Do you think we could see Stadia on Xbox or Xbox games on Stadia?

  3. truestar86

    Hi Brad. I have 3 questions for you today.

    1) Do you think Gears 5 will be GOTY?

    2) It's rumored Microsoft might acquire Bioware, any insider info/leaks regarding this?

    3) Do you think Microsoft should make an Android phone ?


  4. jnbck

    Is there much for breaking changes as .NET Core and framework converge into .NET 5?

    What will be left behind? Will the framework be open source in totality? Is MONO going to be the primary compiler with new versions of Visual Studio?

    • Usman

      In reply to jnbck:

      Fristly, libraries that target .Net Standard will work in .NET 5. Only thing left behind will be Windows specific features, such as WCF (which is being reimplemented as a seperate nuget package).

      Console apps (including aspnet core) , WPF, Winforms apps will run on CoreClr/Roslyn. Xamarin and Unity applications will run on Mono.

  5. sydney2k

    Brad, the Tokyo Game Show will be on this time next week. We know that Phil Spencer is in the Far East at the moment, and it's a good assumption that he'll be at TGS. Have you heard anything about an Xbox presence at the show? We all know that Xbox doesn't have the biggest footprint in Japan, and going all out ala E3 would be throwing good money after bad. Phil Spencer has constantly touted the importance of the Japanese game industry, and an announcement on the same scale as the recent partnership with Korean telecom SK Telecom would be impressive.

  6. shcole

    (username S-H-Cole) It seems Windows 10 is undergoing a huge visual redesign, with new app icons leaking and big changes happening to UWP controls (thinner borders, rounded corners, etc.). Do you think Microsoft will have a big announcement about these changes or just let them happen quietly?

  7. justme

    Recently, the Your Phone app would not allow you to connect your Windows machine to your phone. This was allegedly due to a backend issue in the cloud. My understanding is that your phone connects to your windows pc via bluetooth or a wire. Why would any backend software need to be running to allow you to connect to your PC? I can understand if some features quit working (i.e. syncing data), but not simply connecting to the phone.

  8. brisonharvey

    Which coming innovation (xCloud or Windows Core OS/Lite) do you think will have the greatest impact on Microsoft?