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  1. ponsaelius

    Microsoft made noises about mobile devices for enterprise. Doesn't this weeks' news from NYPD just show that abandoning Windowsphone means that business doesn't trust Microsoft on mobile? Shouldn't Microsoft just stop rebooting their mobile ambitions and play to their strengths in the cloud?

  2. madthinus

    Do you feel that there is a cohesive plan / vision for Windows 10 development? It sometimes feel very disjointed.

  3. Jules Wombat

    Why is Microsoft still releasing Windows 10 Mobile Insider Builds ? What market, expectation do they think there is market for in Windows 10 Mobile ?

  4. Breaker119

    How much longer do we think the current Mobile Phone paradigm will continue? I know and read of people all the time switching back to "dumb" devices...

  5. Detective Polarphant

    Do you think there will be a brand new Surface device launched this year - as well as device refreshes ? They usually have something new towards the end of the year...

  6. Tourniquet

    Hey Brad :)

    Is there any chance you can ask they skype team if they will ever enable using an USB headset in Windows 10 Mobile (using continuum)?

    As it is right now, the headset will be used for other apps (like voice recorder) but not skype :(

  7. Simard57

    Outlook Beta question

    when I reply to a message in an ongoing thread - "Send" does not appear until I click the expand button (arrow going from low left to upper right). Is there an option to display "Send" without having to expand? makes no sense how the gui presents itself right now. [update - I learned I can use Alt-S to send so not critical but muscle memory has to be retrained]

    I am using default options and do not see any way to configure replying to messages

  8. Simard57

    Will Visual Studio be brought into the Windows Store? Will any development tools be brought into the Windows Store?

  9. Jhambi

    how long until my lumia 920 becomes a collectors item ?

  10. mmcpher

    Doesn't Microsoft's post-mobile fallback plan of making their apps and services the go-to choice for Android and iOS users make Microsoft dependent on the kindness of competitors?

  11. EZAB

    Hi Brad, You just purchased a new video card, right? I just purchased a new EVGA-1050 4GB card also for 2 Monitors, (not much gaming). And then I saw this story: "Nvidia and AMD are deluged with orders for PC graphics cards"

    Can you make some sense out of this? I'm confused! Bitcoin and Ethereum miners use the hardware to earn, find and verify transactions at an accelerated rate. Would you be investing in AMD or Nvidia based on this? Please explain. Thanks!

  12. Rob7

    The "cloud" is In right now.... and making lots of money. What happens when the cloud market is saturated. There will always be a need for computers and phones ?

  13. Kryptryx

    Cortana and Alexa. Will we see more co-operation between Microsoft and Amazon? Amazon understands the consumer, Microsoft understands business. Amazon is afraid of its dependence on Google. Microsoft is not afraid of Google, but they just don't understand the appeal. They overlap on cloud, but its a big sky, and together, Microsoft and Amazon cooperating would be a significant force.

    • Jaxidian

      In reply to Kryptryx:

      What else could Microsoft and Amazon cooperate on? Amazon is staunchly about the Amazon Ecosystem. This means AWS, Amazon Prime (and all of these services), Kindle devices (which use an Amazon fork of Android & the Amazon Store), etc. The far majority of these things are direct competition to Microsoft.

      There's really no way that AWS and Azure are going to be anything but direct competition. None of the Amazon technology is compatible with Microsoft technology. Either one adapting to the other is essentially throwing in the towel on their own ecosystem. I just don't understand how this could be possible.

      Happy to hear thoughts if I'm wrong and there are good/obvious options for cooperation here aside from "Yeah, let's integrate a couple services together".

  14. John Scott

    Can Microsoft keep up the enthusiasm for a OS that retains the same numbering over time. For myself they have kind of beaten Creator stuff to death already. I read someone ask in a Windows forum when Windows 11 was coming out? Also have to agree Windows mobile is unofficially dead. I think the Microsoft Store has like two for sale. Can we just get back to the desktop focus now.

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