Questions for 9/15?


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  1. MerlinE.

    What are must have iOS App's for a recovering Windows Phony?

  2. Breaker119

    I haven't heard you guys mention the Fingerprint reader under glass patent that Microsoft has this week...that gives?

  3. neptune.rising

    Satya Nadella once acknowledged that Microsoft more or less 'missed' mobile and promised to put efforts into finding the next big thing. But now they are absent from wearables, smart speakers, mobile, self-driving vehicles, and risk losing their early lead in AR. Did they 'miss' these too? Or do you think they decided to become an enterprise-focused company, ditch the consumer world and we are merely witnessing the transition? Thanks Brad!

  4. hrlngrv

    How could neither you nor Paul have kept yourselves away from the Edge Summit on Wednesday?

    How does MSFT define actively used as in actively used on more than 330 million devices each month. MSFT claims Windows 10 is running on more than 500 million devices, and I figure almost everyone opens Edge by accident once a month given all the file types associated with it by default, so does that mean there are more than 170m Windows 10 users who've figure out how to keep Edge from running? In my own case, new Insider builds launch Edge with each new build on first login, and on my 1703 PC it keeps popping up periodically. Whenever it does run, my sole interaction with it is to close it, but I figure I count for at least 2 monthly active users if not more (one for each new Insider build?).

  5. Lewk

    Would you say the most positive Windows 10 news story of the year came from the Microsoft Edge Summit this week? Where the Edge team states that they will "crawl the web for PWAs and auto-ingest quality ones into the Windows store"?

  6. Rob7

    just loaded latest insiders build in my 950XL.....everything working lack of apps the only reason you guys are down on MS Mobile?

  7. ponsaelius

    There has been a bunch of Windows 10 Mobile bug fixes recently. Is Windows 10 Mobile ready to come out of beta?

    (Emphasis that Microsoft gave up before they had a working OS)

  8. Kudupa

    Hey Brad, 2 Questions,

    1) Is Microsoft basically managing its decline?

    2) By concentrating on enterprise. is Microsoft putting all eggs in one basket?

    3) Whats the point of completely going away from consumer market or coming in late?

    • Jules Wombat

      In reply to Kudupa:

      Enterprise is really big big business, as per increased shares price and profits. Their wide range of enterprise and cloud services and products is hardly 'all eggs in one basket". Its the consumer side that is not helping Microsoft business.

      • Kudupa

        In reply to Jules_Wombat:

        I understand that completely. For now, MS has enterprise but for how long though? With money from consumer market, soon amazon & Google will come after Microsoft's enterprise market & Microsoft cannot reciprocate that action Vise-versa.

        Relying on enterprise only is similar to relying on Windows only and that lead to Microsoft losing consumer market.

  9. HenryV

    Can this be a We Help Friday question? I have a Surface Pro 4 16gb. Why when I use a Store App like Netflix and others does the audio always get out of sync? I need to go back to a browser to watch video. Is it just my SP4 or is this common for this premium device? Common for a Store App?