Questions for 9/29?


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  1. christoph_fer

    Do you think Microsoft is waiting for CShell / Fluent Design to be ready in order to launch consumer facing products like Microsoft Band or maybe a Surface Phone? Because an awesome hardware is incomplete without an excellent software.

  2. EZAB

    With the news earlier this week about HP continuing to sell and support the Elite x3 through 2019, would you call this a "Win-Win" for Enterprise and Microsoft?

    Follow up...

    If HP updated/refreshed the Elite x3 with the new 835+ chip from Qualcomm, could it be one of the first new phones to run "Andromeda/Windows Core OS? Could this be the mystery device you talked about on the Microsoft campus? (I'm guessing HP might have done this and they are both testing it). Have you heard anymore about this?

  3. ponsaelius

    This week Bill Gates said he used an Android mobile phone. Microsoft have never said Windowsphone is dead. Is the Bill Gates admission really a proxy for that announcement?

  4. Usman

    Did it seem like the windows team learnt their lesson in trying to be too ambitious with trying to add new features and missing those deadlines? Are they going to be more cautious of what they promise in future updates?

  5. Tourniquet

    Unlike last year, this year there weren't any sessions about Windows 10 Mobile at Ignite. We also learned this week that the Verizon Version of the HP Elite X3 will be released in mid october and HP will sell those phones till 2019.

    There are rumors that an internal HP document says there are plans for Windows 10 Mobile after feature2 going further than Redstone 4.

    Did you learn anything new regarding the future of Mobile at ignite?

  6. Jules Wombat

    Why should we be as excited by SharePoint this year? What were he dramatic improvements announced.

    Have we heard anything about a new BizTalk version ?