Questions for podcast 10/14


Late on posting this but here ya go!

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  1. 1482

    With the disapointment of Band, Windowsphone why would MSFT bring an "Alexa" in home assitant to the market?  Wouldn't it make more sense to let OEM take the hardware risk.  To that end, if it does release a device will companion apps for IOS and Android be released at the same time?

  2. 1488

    What happened to the Nexdock Paul got? He tweeted about it and that was the last we heard.


  3. 5953

    We all heard, that the Band 3 was cancelled for this year. In your opionion, is there any chance, that a successor is coming at all or is it terminally dead? I still think, that the device is unique in many ways and yould become a success, if MS would be really commited to it. Think of the Surface tablets, which were a disaster until V3, but then it turned into a success story. The reason is commitment. So Brad, please call Satya and convince him to show some passion :-)

    Regards from Germany!

  4. 692

    What are your thoughts on Surface branded peripheral devices (mouse & keyboard) from Microsoft? In my view, if they expand the brand to encompass their more mundane hardware it dilutes the Surface brand's signature as "category defining devices".

  5. 5722

    In the invite to the October event, is there any significance to the words scrolling backwards as though you are looking at them from behind?  I get that it is supposed to be that you are looking out a "window," but is there anything more to it than that?

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