Surface Go Questions – Drop them here and I’ll try to answer them


If you have any questions about the Surface Go, drop them here and I’ll see if I can get them answered.

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  1. Michael Goff

    Why Pentium and not Snapdragon?

  2. Bdsrev

    Brad why no Core m3 option?

  3. Bdsrev

    Brad does it have a laminated display? The 2018 9.7" iPad doesn't have a laminated display

    • bleeman

      In reply to Bdsrev:

      I'm not sure if it has a laminated display or not, but the screen was gorgeous. I have issues from time to time looking at tiny print and I didn't feel like there was any problem viewing the text on the GO.

  4. scoob101


    Can you please do a batteryreport/sleepstudy and tell us what kind of battery drain you are seeing in connected standby

  5. LuxuryTravelled

    Like Surface Laptop, is the Surface Go just an old design 'surfacing' as Andomedia is delayed?

  6. Brad Sams

    Posted the video up here:

    there are some that posted after the video was made, will try to get to them on Friday

  7. Rick Foux

    Can I play "Child of Light" on it? This affects my purchasing decision.

    (J/K, I'll be buying one anyway.)

  8. AnOldAmigaUser

    Does the 10" screen mean that it qualifies to run the mobile office apps, saving an installation from the Office365 Home subscription?

  9. jimchamplin

    I complain a lot about the eMMC storage but...

    Is it a good replacement for the Dell Venue Pro from a few years back?

    • bleeman

      In reply to jimchamplin:

      I think it's going to be better. I used to have the Dell Venue 8 Pro but it "died". I was very impressed with the GO during a "hands on" event last week and pre-ordered. I'll be picking mine up tomorrow at the local Microsoft Store.

  10. chicagomdb

    Does the stylus attach as securely to the side of the Go as it does to the Pro?

    • bleeman

      In reply to chicagomdb:

      It actually attaches even better. I tried my existing Surface Pro 4 pen on it and the MS Employee also demoed with the current pen. He picked the unit up by the pen without a problem. You actually have to give it a gentle tug to get it to separate.

  11. bbold

    Will these be available in Microsoft Stores by Aug 2 to pick up? I pre-ordered mine but I live in Albuquerque, my nearest Microsoft Store is in Dallas. Lol. My Sis may want to play with a Surface Go before ordering. (Thankfully she lives near that store!)

  12. Jhambi

    Spectre vulnerability quashed in the firmware on release ?

  13. Bdsrev

    sorry for asking so many questions: is it true that it's free to edit and create Office documents if you use 'Word Mobile', 'Excel Mobile' etc.? Apparently because the display is smaller than 10.1 inches, it's free if you use the mobile office apps

  14. slbailey1

    If I purchased the Surface Go with the Home version of Windows 10, can I upgrade it to the Pro version at a later date?

  15. quikah

    Does the Surface 3 type cover with on the Surface Go? Don't care if it fits exactly as long as it works. I only use it occasionally, would be nice to not have to buy another one.

  16. gregsedwards

    Can you tell us a bit more about the USB-C port? I've read/heard that it'll have "full support" for video, data, and charging, but what does that really mean? For instance, can you connect Surface Go to an external GPU? I'd suspect not, but if so, that would be amazing. I'd like a better understanding of the port's capabilities. Thanks!

  17. robincapper

    Has any reviewer got the 64GB eMMC4GB RAM $399 model? Not interested myself, the 128 8GB model appeals, but curious how slow it might be

  18. Chris Blair

    Please determine if the 2017 Surface Pro Pen inaccuracy problems, discussed in the very long thread on the MS Community Forum identified below, has been fixed in the Go.

  19. Piyer

    Does the Go have an NFC reader? I clearly remember in a video clip from Microsoft couple of weeks ago that NFC would be included, but do not see in the specs

  20. Patrick3D

    Storage benchmarks? I am curious how slow the eMMC is.

  21. BruceR

    Has Brad actually answered any questions here in three weeks?

    ("I don't have one yet." doesn't count.)

  22. MutualCore

    Can I do Apple Pay on it?

  23. bbold

    When is the Surface Go shipping? I thought it would be here by Thursday August 2, but I haven't even received a shipping notification yet. I had to create a whole new order so that my card would be charged. My initial order hasn't even been processed so I cancelled it.

  24. slbailey1

    Will the LTE version of the Surface Go only have 8gb of ram and 256gb of storage or can you get it with 8gb of ram and 128gb of storage?

  25. slbailey1

    Brad, you keep saying that the Surface Go is not a good gaming compute but is it good for casual games, games that are in the Store? Games from G5, Hidden Object games, Slots/Casino games and the Microsoft casual games.

    Some of the games I pay are:

    Adera, Ilomilo, The Secret Society, Seekers Notes, Hidden City, House of Fun, Microsoft Sudoku, Microsoft Minesweeper, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, and others.

    Edit: I wish the following games will come to Windows 10 from Android:

    The Room Series


    Magic the Gathering

    Mahjong and Friend (the real 4 player version of Mahjong)

    Ancient Aliens

    • bleeman

      In reply to slbailey1:

      I went to the "Hands On" event at the local Microsoft store last Friday and had a chance to use it for about 45 mins to an hour. I am a big user of the Microsoft Casual Games series so I went through MS Solitaire Collection, MS Mahjongg, MS Ultimate Word Games and they all ran smoothly. To be honest they felt almost the same as my i7, 16gb Surface Pro. I also did some testing with One Note and was impressed by the fact that I felt like I was writing on paper with a pen. I didn't see any noticeable lag. These were done on the 8gb, 128gb model as they didn't have the 4gb, 64gb model there to try.

      I'm purchasing mine to sit in my recliner and play the above games on, surf the web, read books via the Nook app, etc. As someone else mentioned having a Dell Venue 8 Pro that is what this will replace. My Dell finally died and I have been looking for a replacement ever since. Now that I'm retired (40yrs in IT) I don't need all the work apps I used to have on my Pro so I'll probably keep this running Windows 10 S as everything I currently use is available in the store.

      I loved the light weight and "feel" of the unit. It's amazing how much more compact just a 2.3" difference in size makes. I feel like it's the "Mini Me" version of my PRO.

  26. illuminated

    How fast is storage?  I do not know exact numbers I am looking for but considering that non-pro surface 3 sucked and latest surface pro rocks where would the new surface go?

  27. kj_pda

    All the available sensors : Proximity, light, gyro

    Is GPS only on LTE? Unlocked unbranded LTE modem, e-sim support

    Which apps support NFC

    NVMe SSD?

    Microphone ? array?

    Cortana support when sleeping

    Support of previous surface peripherals: Pen, type cover

  28. Terrence_Cole

    Does office apps or something similar come bundled for the education market?

  29. inlocoabsentia

    How do you keep the tot grease off the alcantara?

  30. Bdsrev

    the touchpad is bigger than the touchpad on the Surface Pro keyboard? How the hell did they manage that? That's madness

  31. will

    I have read that the SSD is the slower eMMC type like the previous Surface 3, is this true? The SSD performance was always a weak point on the Surface 3 so hopefully they made some improvements?

  32. Dan1986ist

    Do you know what the largest supported MicroSD card that is supported in the Surface Go, as some who ends up buying this may want to add additional storage?

  33. ryguy

    Do the bezels look as huge in person as they do in the pics?

    • bleeman

      In reply to ryguy:

      I believe so, but I don't have a problem with that. Since I use it in Tablet mode more than with the keyboard I appreciate the larger bezel's. It allows me to hold the unit without worrying about hitting a button or option that I didn't want to run. It also keeps the screen cleaner when I pick it up after eating something and forgetting to wipe my hands off. The smudges stay on the bezel instead of the screen until I can clean them off :-)

  34. jrickel96

    Any firm idea on LTE timeline, like quarter of release.?

  35. CSteinblock

    This looks like exactly what my wife is needing, but performance is the question. Is it underpowered or can it hold it's own?

    • wright_is

      In reply to CSteinblock:

      The answer to that is, what are you trying to do with it?

      If you are just web browsing and running Store Apps, then it shoudl be more than man enough (the old Atom tablets used to work fine for web browsing and Store games), but if you are planning to do photo editing or development on it, that is something else.

      It is like asking, what is better, a Dodge SRT or a Kenworth, the answer is: it depends on what you are doing with it.

      • Richard55

        In reply to wright_is:

        nobody uses store apps because there is nothing there to be of any use. So if what you want is to browse the web, get an ipad.

        • lvthunder

          In reply to Richard55:

          There are some good store apps. There is Autodesk SketchBook if you want to draw. Photoshop Elements if you want to edit photos, Netflix if you want to watch movies, iTunes, the Affinity suite, etc.

        • bleeman

          In reply to Richard55:

          Actually I almost exclusively use store apps so I guess it depends on your needs. I have Office 365 and use the version from the store. I play most of the Microsoft Casual Games, I use Drawboard PDF, I exclusively use Bing for Search and Edge for my browser. The big draw for me on this over the iPad is I now have a smaller version of my Surface Pro that I can sit in my recliner with, take with me as a notebook (using OneNote and my pen), my Surface Pro pen, power supply and the Surface Dock I have are all compatible with it. The only additional item I had to purchase was the keyboard for it as my existing Surface ones don't fit. I opted not to wait for the LTE model as I retired from 40yrs in IT last year so I'm no longer traveling that much, so this is perfect for my needs.

          It's funny to think with this as my primary "lay around the house" with system, my Surface Pro will now become my "Desktop" plugged into the dock with the 34" monitor, external DVD burner, speakers, etc.

      • skane2600

        In reply to wright_is:

        There are a lot of programs people run on PCs that aren't web only or high end applications.

  36. Richard55

    Why would I buy this over an ipad? It is not a laptop replacement which is the entire surface motto. So it clearly tries to replace an ipad. does it? heavier, less software, certainly REQUIRES a keyboard for the store on windows is nothing but crapware.

    • lvthunder

      In reply to Richard55:

      It doesn't require a keyboard. It all depends on what you are using it for. If you are using it to watch videos and play tablet style games then the on screen keyboard works just fine. I have a Surface Book and I use it with the screen backwards all the time. Mostly I'm using Photoshop and Lightroom with it, but you can watch movies, read emails and reply with brief messages, and everything else you can do with an iPad.

      There are some good apps in the store. The Netflix app is just about the same as an iPad. There are some good drawing apps on there. It all depends on what you want to do with it.

  37. T182

    Curious on how the keyboard felt. Obviously going to be smaller than a regular keyboard. Was it annoyingly smaller? I'm thinking that this would be great for Sysadmin use with RSAT, remote desktop, etc., for quick use.

    • bleeman

      In reply to T182:

      I have large hands (I'm 6'8") and while the keyboard is definitely smaller than the one on my Surface Pro I was still able to use it reasonably well. I'm a touch typist and overall it wasn't a major issue. Interestingly enough the trackpad on it is bigger than the one on my Pro.

  38. maethorechannen

    Is there a non-type cover? One of the things that annoyed me with the 3 was that (from what I could find on the market in the UK at the time) if I wanted a snap on cover to protect the screen my only choice was a type cover, whether I wanted a keyboard or not.

  39. Lordbaal

    I can get a Surface pro 3 that have better specs. From like $350-$450.

    How is this any better then a surface pro 3?

    If you are going to release a new tablet, make it better then a 4 year old device.

    • wright_is

      In reply to Lordbaal:

      It depends on what you call better?

      Fanless? Go is better.

      Quiet running? Go is better.

      Lightweight? Go is better.

      Compact? Go is better.

      Battery? Go is probably better, you need less battery for the same amount of runtime, therefore lighter and compacter.

      It is like asking, why you would buy a new Ford Fiesta, when you can buy a 2012 Lincoln Towncar for the same price. They are there to accomplish different tasks. They both have their strengths and weaknesses.

      • Lordbaal

        In reply to wright_is:

        I can get a used or refurbish Surface pro 3 i5 4300u for around $400.

        It's not fanless, so what.

        It's not lighter, so what. How much heaver? 0.6 lbs.

        • Rick Foux

          In reply to Lordbaal:

          Sounds like you're not the target demographic then. :)

          Maybe some of us want - nay, prefer - a 10" screen on a device that's smaller, lighter, and more quiet than a Surface Pro 3.

      • skane2600

        In reply to wright_is:

        So basically Go is superior as a fashion accessory?

      • Richard55

        In reply to wright_is:

        did you even bother to try a surface 3? It was fanless and hence not any quieter. Is go marginally thinner and lighter? yes. But it is not competing with the surface 3 but with the ipad, in such case surface go still heavier than the standard air.

        In the end the question is not ford fiesta vs towncar but ford fiesta 2018 vs 2014 where all they did was slap anew badge, make it rounder and add a few features the competitors do better.

  40. jwpear

    Why does Microsoft continue to use eMMC? Having eMMC in the low end and faster SSD for the others is going to be confusing to consumers. Won't this taint folks impression of both the Surface and Microsoft brand?

    If Surface is meant to be a premium line, eMMC doesn't belong in the device. Does this really make that much difference in the cost to manufacture the device?

    • AnOldAmigaUser

      In reply to jwpear:

      The average consumer does not know the difference between eMMC and any other type of SSD. They are going to look at 64GB or 128GB, at $399 or $549, and make the decision based on that.

      FWIW, I just got back from vacation and the only device I took other than a phone was a ASUS T-100 with 32GB of eMMC (and a 128GB micro-SD) and 2GB of RAM, for light use and backing up photos. It worked just fine, other than the crappy keyboard.

      I can run 2D CADD on this device with an acceptable level of performance. I would not do this except in the field, since the screen is small and the resolution is not great, but it is very useful to be able to have the files local and be able to view, print, or modify as needed.

      Not everyone needs workstation level performance from their devices, and for them, price is going to be the overriding concern.