Move Sam Report video higher in page


The hero image at the top of The Sams Report page gets me every time. Did you know it’s not actually the video? Because I forget every week. And when it’s clicked you’re redirected to a page to just look at the image. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool image. But the video isn’t even on the screen when the page loads. I have to scroll. Sure, an easy feat. But who can even remember to do that? All we want is to watch Brad Sams talk about…tots? And I’m being held back a few seconds because the video is too low.

Anyway, it’s be awesome if the video was moved up.

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4 responses to “Move Sam Report video higher in page”

  1. ProgrammerAl

    I may have posted this in the wrong area. Thought it was going to the Community Feedback. But since I can't delete it, here it stays. Unless someone can move it?

  2. Bdsrev

    ALSO, Sams Report should show up like a regular new blog post, it deserves to be treated like a new post, especially on mobile

  3. Brad Sams

    Gotcha, will see how I can fix this going forward; apprecaite the feedback.