Lost admin password on Win8.1 system


My wife has a Lenovo 8.1 laptop and the admin password has been lost… The desire is to upgrade to Windows10 but I would need the MS license key for that. I’ve found how to boot the USB stick, but I need the license key<arggh>. Does anyone have advice, or should I skip to beer…

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  1. xperiencewindows

    You might be able to get the key from Belarc advisor

  2. beckoningeagle

    I believe this command works in WIndows 8.  Make sure you run it from an elevated command prompt (run as administrator)
    wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey
  3. simont

    Try Jelly Bean Software's KeyFinder. The free version should be able to get your Windows key.

  4. wayned

    I don't have the admin password<argggh> I should say that I have a folder full of passwords, none of which seem to work. Am I SOL?

  5. beckoningeagle

    I have used this successfully many many times:

    Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor (pogostick.net)

    I don't know if it works with Home edition, and if your drive is "bit-locked" then you are out of luck.

    Be careful when using it though. Best thing is to set a blank password and then set a new password through windows.

    When you first boot windows after using this utility it may ask you to scan the drive. This is normal and nothing to be worried about.

    Read all the instructions and be careful.

  6. simont

    Depending on the laptop, hitting one of the Function keys at boot should get you to a windows recovery page, it would reset the laptop to factory default, but then you have set a new admin password, get the key and then upgrade.

    Or get a recovery disk download from Lenovo and do the same thing.

  7. wunderbar

    if you're up to mucking around with some command line stuff in the windows recovery environment, google "command prompt sticky keys"

    It's a way to get a command prompt with god privileges in the pre-boot environment that'll let you set a new local admin password. I've used it several times over the years.

  8. Patrick3D

    If there is no account with admin privileges to reset it then you can purchase software that can reset it (Google Win8.1 admin password recovery) or clean install Windows 10 and buy a license.

  9. arnstarr

    search for this text, i can't paste a link:

    "Resetting a Locked Out Windows 10 Password (Recovery Media)

    If you cannot reboot into safe mode, you can also use the recovery media to change user account passwords."

  10. hrlngrv

    Since no one else has asked, does the laptop have a certificate of authenticity sticker on the bottom? If so, that should have the Windows product key on it.

  11. beckoningeagle

    Wayned, did any of the suggestions in this thread work for you? It may be time to "skip to beer" :-)

  12. Alastair Cooper

    I think if you already have Windows 8.1 installed then the laptop should be digitally activated with Microsoft's servers, and that should automatically carry over if you clean install Windows 10. I think (though I may be out of date) that the free Windows 10 upgrade still applies if you go down this route.

    If you have data you want to recover, then assuming the drive isn't encrypted you should be able to boot from a Linux live USB and back up anything important from her home folder first.

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