Path or filename too long


Here is one that would fall nicely into Ask Paul on Friday, but I’m currently frustrated!!!

I’m currently moving user profiles from one partition to another (department changes) and Windows keeps complaining that it can’t read the files, because the path name or filename is too long!

Why the fragging* heck did Windows Server allow the files to be written in the first place, if the names are too fragging long?

So, now, I’m going through nearly 1,900 folders and 11,000 files looking for 350 files whose names were too long to be read, then manually renaming them to something shorter and copying them across!

The source and destination path depths are the same, so it isn’t that they are going to a deeper level that messes them up on the destination, they are “illegal” names where they currently are!

Windows can fire truck** right off!

* fragging: from Babylon 5, to allow characters to express themselves on a show to be aired at prime time.

** fire truck: from Jodi Taylor’s “Doing Time”, to allow the book to be aimed at younger readers, whilst also providing hilarity for older readers.

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