Fortnite for Android Launches Exclusively on Samsung’s Galaxy Devices

Posted on August 9, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Games, Android with 1 Comment

Epic Games is officially launching Fortnite for Android today. After being available on iOS for months, the firm is finally bringing its popular battle royale game to Android devices. But there is a huge catch: it’s not available for all Android devices.

Fortnite for Android is launching exclusively on Samsung’s Galaxy devices. To celebrate the launch of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 9 device, Epic Games has entered into a partnership with Samsung where the studio will make its game available exclusively on Samsung’s Galaxy devices, to begin with. Epic is yet to announce when exactly the game will be available for other Android devices. The company is starting the beta test with people who own a Samsung Galaxy device, and you will also get access to an exclusive Galaxy skin as shown above.

There is another catch with Fortnite for Android: it’s not going to be available from the Google Play Store. Epic earlier said the company wants to maintain a direct relationship with its users, and so it will offer Fortnite for Android through its own launcher, downloadable from its official website. It’s possible hackers will be able to tweak the .apk file for the game and make it run on other Android devices, so you may be able to run the game on your Android device after all. Still, be very wary of fakes and malware.

The beta will is available for a bunch of different modern Android devices, but Galaxy users will be the first to get invites to the beta.

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