Report: Nintendo Plans a New Switch for 2019

Posted on October 4, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Games with 7 Comments

A Wall Street Journal report claims that Nintendo will release an update Switch video game console next year in order to maintain its sales momentum.

“Nintendo is still debating what new hardware and software features to include in the upgrade and weighing the cost of the features,” the report notes. “One option is improving the display, they said. The current Switch uses a lower-end liquid-crystal display without some technologies that are standard in more recent smartphone LCDs.”

I’ve described the Switch as a game-changer, and it has certainly catapulted Nintendo back into the conversation after several years of uninteresting hardware and lackluster sales. As of the end of July, the firm reported 20 million console sales and 87 million games sold.

Looking forward, Nintendo says it expects to sell another 20 million units through March 2019. Only the PlayStation 4 sees comparable sales, though that console is starting to slow down, given its earlier release date.

My expectation is that the updated Switch will function like the Xbox One S or Sony’s PlayStation 4 Slim: A fully-compatible and cost-reduced version of the original with some unique new features to tempt upgraders. Whatever form it takes, the updated Switch should arrive in the second half of 2019, about a year from now.


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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Report: Nintendo Plans a New Switch for 2019”

  1. SeattleMike

    I've been pondering purchasing the current Switch. I'm not sure what games are good. Any suggestions?

    • Daekar

      In reply to SeattleMike:

      It really depends on what you like. I really enjoyed Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Skyrim, Sonic Mania, Octopath Traveler, and Dragonball Xenoverse 2. What genres do you usually like?

    • Nonmoi

      In reply to SeattleMike:

      There are many, but really depend on your playing style. Also, there are some none exclusive games that are better played on Switch's format.

      On the other hand, Switch in general is more expensive, since game don't run steep discount like on steam. So that is one more thing you need to be aware of.

  2. Daekar

    As much as it surprises me to say this, if it's not hard to disassociate your Nintendo Account with an existing Switch, I might actually consider buying the new version. I haven't enjoyed a console as much as the Switch in a long time.

  3. pwrof3

    Glad I've held off. I read the initial reviews about the tiny controller buttons. Hopefully this one will be a little bigger and hold up better.

  4. Awhispersecho

    I spent nearly 800 bucks on a Switch, a bunch of controllers and accessories and a a few games thinking us and the nephews could all play together and enjoy a console that was a throwback to just good old fun games. It doesn't get used at all. The nephews, 11 and 15, played it with us one time for about an hour only to return to the XB1. My fiancee played it by herself once about a month ago and I played Mario Kart and Mario Odyssey each once by myself for a total of about 2 hours. May just end up selling it.

    The games aren't as fun as they used to be for me, kids don't have the same nostalgic feelings towards Mario games that my generation has, and they don't even have a Wii sports type game for it. If they had a bowling and golf game like the Wii I would probably keep it just for that but they don't which absolutely boggles my mind. Unfortunately, it's been a disappointment for me and our household.

  5. brentcoco

    Hoping for a Switch XL with larger screen and controllers. Those tiny buttons on the current version give me hand cramps after about 10 mins of playing. Ended up returning my 1st gen Switch because of it.