Xbox Live Takes a Nosedive, Drags Consoles with It

Posted on January 30, 2019 by Brad Sams in Games with 17 Comments

If you are trying to use your Xbox console right now, there is a good chance you are frustrated. Microsoft’s Xbox Live service is currently down which makes using the device, quite a bit harder.

And this is a serious outage, the company’s status page is barely functioning and only says that some games and services are having issues. But upon expansion of the dialog, it simply says Xbox Live Core Services are impacted.

The primary issue that is being reported is that after booting up, you may be presented with a black screen. If you are running into this issue, try unplugging your ethernet cord as that might resolve the issue.

Microsoft says that they are aware of the issue and are looking into the outage; the company is rolling back a service update that was deployed today. The company is not providing a timeline for the service to return to normal operation but knowing they have identified the issue, it hopefully shouldn’t be too long.

While Microsoft’s Xbox Live service typically has good uptime, outages are inevitable. This is the downside to a connected console like the Xbox platform because when the service does drop like this, it can make playing any game, even those that are single player, impossible or more difficult.

[Update] The rollback has been completed, service should be returning to normal and if not, reboot your console.

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