Apex Legends Quickly Surpasses Fortnite

Posted on February 12, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Xbox One with 21 Comments

We’ll see if it has staying power, but EA’s new game Apex Legends has quickly rocketed past market leader Fortnite, with over 25 million sign-ups in just one week.

“This past week has been beyond our wildest imagination,” an Electronic Arts tweet reads. “Thank you to all 25 million Legends out there.”

By comparison, Fornite was 2018’s biggest video game by far, and it was so successful that it forced major industry stalwarts like the Call of Duty franchise to adapt to its battle royale game style. But the newly released Apex Legends is already threatening to make Fortnite as passé as the games that title surpassed last year.

Here are the numbers.

Over 10 million gamers signed up for Apex Legends in the first three days of availability. It had taken Fortnite over two weeks to reach that milestone.

Now, over 25 million gamers have signed up for Apex Legends in just one week. Fortnite needed three months to reach 30 million players.

And now Apex Legends is the most-viewed title on the Twitch game streaming service. Surpassing, wait for it, Fortnite.

The success of Apex Legends is doubly interesting because it’s published by Electronic Arts, one of the traditional game publishers that has struggled in the wake of Fortnite. The firm had recently lowered its annual revenue projections thanks to poor sales of Battlefield V, but this week’s news has already triggered a stock surge that erased its previous losses.

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