Sony Talks About Next-Gen PlayStation, Demonstrates Super Fast Load Times

Posted on May 21, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Games with 4 Comments

Sony has been talking quite a lot about the PlayStation 5, the company’s next-gen console. The company recently detailed some more of its future plans for the PlayStation 5, going into some detail about the PlayStation 5, as well as its cloud gaming future.

At an investors event, Sony demonstrated the PlayStation 5’s super fast load times as compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro. In the demo, the PS5 was able to load Spider-Man in less than a second, while the PS4 Pro took more than 8 seconds. The company also demonstrated the PS5’s ability to smoothly load dynamic maps that would cause pauses on the PS4 Pro (via The Verge):

Sony also talked about all the new features of the PS5 it has revealed so far, including things like the new eight-core AMD Ryzen CPU, new GPU with ray-tracing support, SSD storage, 8K graphics, 3D audio, and backwards compatibility.

The company also discussed the future of cloud gaming at the meeting, revealing some of its plans for the future of PlayStation Now. For now, Sony wants to support 1080p and beyond on PlayStation Now, improve the quality of the content it provides, and scale the service in the longer run. The company even went as far as showcasing its recent partnership with Microsoft that will allow it to scale PlayStation Now to grow faster than possible before.

Interestingly, Sony says the PlayStation 4 will “remain the engine of engagement and profitability” for the next three years, with an”Outstanding roster of exclusive AAA games” still to come. The company isn’t expected to launch the PlayStation 5 anytime soon, so that’s not much of a surprise.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Sony Talks About Next-Gen PlayStation, Demonstrates Super Fast Load Times”

  1. dontbe evil

    don't tell me they discovered SSD !!!???

  2. Stooks

    OMG! Who would have thought that a decent CPU, paired with a SSD would shave off some seconds for a game load??????????

    I use an external Samsung T5 with my Xbox One X, it makes a huge difference in many games. Witcher 3 is night and day in terms of game load times.

  3. rossdelliott

    Sony have consistently shown early versions of their console performing light years better than the previous model and, indeed, light years better than the shipping product. It goes all the way back to the PlayStation 2 when they showed a demo they claimed was rendering Final Fantasy VII's cut-scenes in real time on the PalyStation 2 hardware. Obviously, that turned out to be a lie. This just feels like more of the same... Yes, it will be faster than the PlayStation4, and allow for better graphics, but take all of their claims with a grain of salt--especially as they try to get out in front of whatever Microsoft might be offering for their Next-Gen Xbox.

  4. james_wilson

    Based on experience I had from Sony with regards to sharing a game with another family member (I won't bore anyone but their customer service was beyond poor), I won't be investing in Sony products again. Xbox will be my next purchase.