Google Announces Stadia Pricing and Availability Details

Posted on June 6, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Games with 13 Comments

It’s been a long time coming, but Google has finally opened up about the pricing of its game-streaming service Stadia. The company is announcing the pricing details about Stadia today, and suffice to say it is a bit confusing.

Google will offer a subscription for the main Stadia service, called Stadia Pro, coming in at $9.99 a month. Stadia Pro will give you access to 4K HDR streaming @ 60fps as long as you have a 35Mbps internet connection. Stadia Pro will give you access to free games that are released regularly (kind of like Xbox Game Pass).

Stadia Pro will be available in Belgium, Finland, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the USA.

You can also get Stadia without the Pro subscription via the Stadia Base which gives you access to the service on a per-game basis, meaning you can simply pay for the game you want to play individually.

Google is also launching the Stadia Founder’s Edition today, which will come with a Chromecast Ultra, a three-month subscription to Stadia Pro which costs $9.99 a month, a limited-edition night blue Stadia controller, a three-month buddy pass that lets your friend get access to Stadia Pro, and Destiny 2 on Stadia. Getting the Stadia Founder’s Edition will give you access to Stadia when it first launches later this year, meaning you will be able to secure your username before anyone else.

You can pre-order Stadia Founder’s Edition for $129 today. It will be available in November.

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Comments (13)

13 responses to “Google Announces Stadia Pricing and Availability Details”

  1. codymesh


    A huge bummer that they're not launching anywhere in Asia....why bother with the biggest continent on the planet, right?

    Anyway, I sort of expected more from their "vault" of games on the subscription service, but right now it appears to be only Destiny 2. I would definitely consider it if games like The Division get added to the subscription service.

    I hope the standalone games don't cost more than on rival platforms. I'm also concerned about the compatibility with other browsers/non-pixel phones, which for some reason, they haven't talked much about.

    And hopefully Microsoft's answer to Stadia is at least on par with this.

  2. Scott Ross

    I might give it a try. My current main machine (2012 Dell XPS 15) is getting long in the tooth when it comes to newer games. I like what netherealm studio releases and unfortunately injustice II was not up to the standard that I like on my PC. I did not even try MK 11 for this reason. If I get decent game play from the service it might be worth while.

  3. dcdevito

    Meh. By now most gamers have the hardware they need, a discount on the games (or bundles) would be nice. I think this controller is better suited for casual Android games in the Play Store that we can play on our TVs via Chromecast.

  4. bart

    All looks pretty appealing imho.

    Am invested in the Xbox ecosystem, so won't switch myself, but for anyone looking to start gaming.... why not

  5. Rycott

    Cool. I need to pay a subscription to buy and play new games now. Oh but it's cool... they will give you old games for free as part of it.

  6. red.radar

    I am not a gamer and don’t have an interest in the service. However I am interested if this will impact the market for desktop hardware?

    is this supposed to replace consoles... desktops.... both or ... neither? I get the sense people are proud of their “rigs” and like owning hardware. So I am not certain people dish out monthly to loose access to their battle station. That being said...The technology seems disruptive..

  7. RonV42

    Never going to work on hotel wifi. Even at best I can only sustain 8 to 16 mbps while on the road.