Nintendo Announces Switch Lite

Posted on July 10, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Games with 22 Comments

Nintendo today announced a cheaper and lighter version of its Switch video game console called Switch Lite. It will retail for $200—$100 less than the original—and will be available on September 20.

“Adding Nintendo Switch Lite to the lineup gives gamers more color and price point options,” Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser said in a prepared statement. “Now consumers can choose the system that best suits how they like to play their favorite Nintendo Switch games.”

As Bowser notes, the Switch Lite will be available in different colors—yellow, gray, and turquoise—and gamers will be able to purchase additional accessories, like a carrying case and screen protector.

Unlike the larger Switch, which can be played with Joy-Con controllers, the smaller Switch Lite features integrated controllers. As such, it does not support shared gameplay, with two players each using a Joy-Con controller. It also doesn’t support the Switch dock and TV output. Instead, the Switch Lite is purely for mobile gaming.

Switch Lite is compatible with all of the Switch video game titles that support handheld mode. Nintendo says that it will clearly mark games in retail packaging and online.

You can learn more about Switch Lite from the Nintendo website.

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Comments (22)

22 responses to “Nintendo Announces Switch Lite”

  1. MarkPow

    With a name like Doug Bowser, he just couldn't work anywhere else!

  2. Daekar

    If I spent more time in handheld mode and less time on the dock with the Pro controller, I would seriously consider this. As it is, I'm waiting for the gen2 version of the full Switch - I've gotten too spoiled, and now I want to both have my cake and eat it too.

  3. skane2600

    Assuming the Lite's controllers are designed the same as the original controllers, the downside is that when the controllers wear out, you'll have to replace the entire unit.

    • jrickel96

      In reply to skane2600:

      It's been two years and I have not heard about Joy Cons being worn out. I think it will have years of use before this happens.

      • skane2600

        In reply to jrickel96:

        I guess it can vary. My kids have had a Switch for about 6 months and recently the controllers have begun to drift. Search Google for "joycon controllers drift" and you'll get's lots of results.

        • jrickel96

          In reply to skane2600:

          Interesting. I've had mine for about two years with no issues - and have used it quite a bit undocked. I've literally taken it around the world with me when I've travelled for work - and played it quite a bit. No problem on my end.

  4. colin79666

    Wish they did one without the screen. I only every play mine docked and with the pro controlled (find joy cons too small).

  5. Thom77

    I have found the larger Switch too big to carry around with a carrying case, so I hardly ever bring it with me anywhere. Add the fact that the game lineup is horrible, the shop is full of crappy phone ports, no bluetooth support which is ridiculous

    I honestly think the Microsoft Go is MUCH better for gaming then the Nintendo Switch, at least for my tastes in gaming ... plus my portable gaming machine doubles as a fully functional tablet

    • skane2600

      In reply to Thom77:

      If you are primarily interested in PC games, any dedicated game machine sounds like a bad fit for you. Since the Surface Go is larger than the Switch, I don't get the size argument.

    • Daekar

      In reply to Thom77:

      Game lineup is great, maybe you're just a "hardcore" gamer and lighter Nintendo stuff isn't your style.

      Although I have to say, there have been a strikingly high number of adult-focused titles on the Switch.

      I took my Switch to Italy and it was great to have on the flights and on the bus. I can't imagine trying to game on a Surface Go, but as long as you're happy!

    • jrickel96

      In reply to Thom77:

      Game lineup is excellent and full of games that cannot be found anymore.

      I've taken my Switch on travels to France, Australia, Canada, and all over. This will be even better for me. So I will buy a second Switch to take on the road.

  6. jgraebner

    So it's a Switch that doesn't actually switch?

  7. remc86007

    While this is cool for kids, I was hoping for a more powerful switch that could run existing games at 1080p (or 4k?) with AA enabled and not be a stuttery, blurry and aliased mess on large TVs. Try playing Zelda on a 75 inch 4k screen at 8ft is a physically painful experience.

    • jrickel96

      In reply to remc86007:

      The 75 inch screen is the problem. SMPTE recommends no more than 64" from that distance. You need 10 feet for the 75 inch screen to be the proper size.

      Really being close to a TV that large at that distance is bad for your eyes generally.

      There may be a more powerful console coming. I think 60fps matters more for the game than the resolution.

      I play on a 55 inch 4K and have a nice experience.

    • orbsitron

      In reply to remc86007:

      I play Zelda BOTW on my 65" 4K HDR tv from about 9-10ft away and I find it a great experience (as have others that have come to visit). Perhaps your eyesight is better than mine :).

      That said, I play games like Shadow the Tomb Raider, Forza Horizon 4 and Halo 5 multiplayer on my XBOX One X on the same TV and there's no comparison in terms of visual fidelity (or smoothness if I choose 60fps settings when that's an option - though I usually choose the higher fidelity imagery at 30fps regardless).

      I'm all for getting the best visual (and audible) experience, which is a big part of why I love my XBOX so much, but, to me and my friends at least, Switch games upscaled have been a pure joy to play and pleasant to look at as well.

  8. Skolvikings

    I wonder if the smaller size and the change to the D-pad will make this one better for mobile gaming. I don't really like using my Switch on the go because I find it uncomfortable and somewhat awkward to use the joy-con controllers that way. I realize everyone's different, but with my hand size, I don't enjoy using the Switch in handheld mode. I mainly play with the Pro controller while the unit is docked.

  9. GeekWithKids

    Since they have pretty much killed the DS, this is really turning the Switch into the DS replacement. Now they will have a single platform to develop games for home and mobile.

  10. waethorn

    "Switch Lite is compatible with all of the Switch video game titles that support handheld mode."

    Are there games that only work off the dock?

  11. JBSTG424

    This was a bad call. This is Switch no switch. The whole purpose of the Switch is that it's able to go back and forth between console mode and handheld mode. I'm all for a smaller version that has the same capabilities of the larger version but this got rid of some of the key features of it being called a Switch. The only positive I see on this is that pretty soon we may have the new Switch XL Deluxe whatever naming convention Nintendo comes out with for some sort of pro version of the console. And maybe they will introduce some other colors of the system.