Google Is Planning to Bring Steam To…Chromebooks

Posted on January 17, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Chrome OS, Chromebook, Games, Google with 6 Comments

Google is reportedly planning to bring Steam to Chromebooks. Google’s Director of Product Management for Chrome OS, Kan Liu, had a discussion with David Ruddock from Android Police at CES, where Liu apparently revealed that the company is actually working to bring Steam to Chromebooks.

Yes, Steam running on Chromebooks sounds very wild but it could actually happen — definitely not now, but maybe sometime down the line.

You see, Steam is already available on Linux, and Linux works pretty well on Chrome OS already. And if Google and its OEM partners start launching more powerful hardware in the future, it’s very much possible to see Steam running on Chromebooks. Liu confirmed that we could start seeing more powerful Chromebooks soon, with new AMD Chromebooks that will bring more power to Chromebooks than before. It is not clear if any of these devices will be powered by discrete Radeon graphics from AMD, however, and Liu wouldn’t say if we could expect Nvidia or Qualcomm GPUs on Chromebooks anytime soon.

There is a lot of other questions about Steam running on Chromebooks — whether you’d be able to run most games, whether the game developers have to modify the games to add better support for Chromebooks, etc. Right now, it’s very much unclear how all of this will work, or when exactly it will be available. Android Police notes that the company “was twice given advance notice of this story and did not comment prior to publication”, suggesting that Google is trying to keep this under the covers for now.

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