Sony Unveils PS5 Design, Two SKUs

Posted on June 11, 2020 by Brad Sams in Games, PlayStation with 21 Comments

Today, Sony hosted its gaming event where the company showed off a wide variety of titles. Everything from Gran Turismo to the latest NBA 2K titles was given the spotlight during the event but for most, the real highlight was the unveiling of the hardware.

Sony finally pulled back the curtains and showed off their new consoles. And yes, it’s plural; the company will offer one version with an optical drive and another without.

The strategy isn’t all that surprising, Microsoft tested these waters last year with its “all-digital” version of the Xbox One and Sony is now following that path forward. And it looks quite obvious that the version designed without the drive was created first and the optical drive version was simply bolted on to the side.

While we do know the specs, there are still a couple of crucial details missing. We still don’t know the price of the hardware or any of the accessories and we don’t know the exact launch date yet.

Sony and Microsoft are both waiting for each other to announce these final two details but at some point, one company will have to go first. Sony has already hinted that the console will be expensive but what the means exactly, we still don’t know.

As for the gaming event today, it really depends on what you were interested in as the games spanned many different genres and we still did not get a close look at the graphical performance of the titles. But Sony certainly attracted a crowed with well over a million viewers watching the YouTube stream.


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