Epic Games is Coming to the Microsoft Store in Windows 11

Posted on September 28, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Windows 11 with 15 Comments

What a difference a few policy changes make: Microsoft revealed today that Epic Games is bringing its online store into the Microsoft Store in Windows 11.

“Amazon and Epic Games will bring their storefront apps to the Microsoft Store over the next few months, and we look forward to welcoming other stores as well in the future,” the Microsoft announcement notes vaguely.

It appears that this means that the Amazon mobile app will be downloadable from the Microsoft Store, as will the Epic Game Store apps. These are not store-within-a-store experiences, but rather standalone downloads.

(We already knew that Amazon’s AppStore for Android was coming, and that will be a true store-within-a-store experience.)

This is interesting on a number of levels, but as you may recall, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney was previously one of Microsoft’s fiercest critics, back when the software giant added what was then called the Windows Store to Windows 8. Since then, the two firms have moved closer together, however. In 2019, Tim Sweeney appeared at the HoloLens 2 launch. And now, Mr. Sweeney is going to make his Epic Games Store available from the Microsoft Store on Windows.

This is part of a new strategy on Microsoft’s part to make its online store an open platform. And the reason Epic has done such an about-face is that Microsoft is no longer charging Apple-like fees: It no longer charges fees for stores, like Epic’s, that have their own payment systems. That said, it would be even more interesting if the Epic Game Store was available directly inside the Microsoft Store, as will be the Amazon AppStore for Android.

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Comments (15)

15 responses to “Epic Games is Coming to the Microsoft Store in Windows 11”

  1. blue77star

    Why would I install Epic Store from Microsoft store and be limited where I can install it. I have Steam, Epic and other applications on different M.2 Raid 0 setup under folder Games. Microsoft Store has serious limitation there. MS Store really makes no sense on desktop.

    • jimchamplin

      To you. It makes no sense to you.

      To many others it makes perfect sense and works well.

    • JE

      It’s examples like this that make me think there should be some sort of test/license as an entry requirement to comment on the internet

    • bettyblue

      Not that I would buy anything from the Microsoft store, but you can move any app, to any place you want and its super easy.

      I moved Forza 4 on my gaming PC, (I got it from the store because I bought it for my Xbox, universal game or whatever they call it) from the C drive to the D drive. It by clicking on the move button in settings. WAY easier that say a game installed from other apps like Origin, Epic, Activision, Ubisoft etc.

      If you can move those games they often require tweaking ini files or registry settings so the launcher knows where it is now. In some cases you have to delete and re-install those games.

  2. blue77star

    Maybe I am mistaken but if MS Store acts only as a place where you download Epic Store from and then Epic installation process goes from there...again what's the point. I have Epic Installer on my NAS I can install from. Just trying to rationalize MS Store, its purpose?

    • dallasnorth40

      Just guessing here, but it could be aimed at the millions who are not as tech savvy as you are.

    • Maverick010

      It is for several reasons. One is a one place stop to get apps quickly and download. The other part may be a more streamlined update process.

      My one guess is the app you download from the Microsoft store is the most updated app being installed from the start. The app install you get from Epic is just a wrapper to install the app and when you run that app it searches for updates and begins that process again to update and install.

      I am sure there is more reasons for each person.

  3. mattbg

    I hate the Epic Games Store so much.

    I wish everything on that store was available on Steam so that I didn't have to use it.

    • Maverick010

      I am not fond of their install process at all. Steam has by far one of the best install processes, that even if I have to reinstall Windows or add the drive with my Steam library to a new machine, there is no need to redownload or reinstall the games, with little exceptions.

      Now with that out of the way, I actually use GOG Galaxy, as I can integrate steam, EPIC, Windows Xbox Live Store, and Origin all into once centralized location. It makes it significantly easier to manage my game library amongst the stores, and just one actual app to keep open with all my games from the different stores in one place. I really wish Microsoft would do something similar with a default games managed App.

  4. spacein_vader

    The indie storefront itch.io has been available through the Epic Games Store for a while. So you could install a store within a store within a store.


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