Amazon’s Luna Cloud Gaming Service is Now Generally Available in the US

Posted on March 1, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Amazon, Games with 6 Comments

Amazon Luna, the company’s cloud gaming service that launched in early access in fall 2020 is now available for everyone in the US. Until today, the Google Stadia-like service was only available through an invite-only program, but Amazon is now getting serious with Luna with new integrations with Amazon Prime and Twitch.

In the US, the most affordable way to access Luna will be through a new Prime Gaming Channel that will provide Amazon Prime members access to a rotating selection of games. “For the month of March, Prime members can play Devil May Cry 5; Observer: System Redux; PHOGS!; Flashback; and, from 3/8–3/14, Immortals Fenyx Rising,” the company announced today.

Unlike Google Stadia, it’s not possible to purchase cloud-based games on Luna. Instead, Amazon offers different channels consumers can subscribe to access a specific set of games. Here are the different channels available in the US today:

  • Prime Gaming (free with Amazon Prime): A rotating selection of free games for Prime members
  • Luna+ ($5.99/month): over 100 games including AAA games such as Control and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
  • Family Channel ($2.99/month): Over 35 family-friendly games including Overcooked or SkateBIRD
  • Retro Channel ($4.99/month): Classic games from Capcom (Street Fighter II), SNK (Metal Slug 3), and more
  • Jackbox games ($4.99/month): Eight eight Party Packs including Quiplash and Trivia Murder Party
  • Ubisoft+ ($17.99/month): Over 35 Ubisoft games including the latest Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry episodes

Starting today through March 21, 2022, existing early access customers and new subscribers can sign up for Luna+ or Family Channel for $5.99/month and $2.99/month, respectively. These prices will go up to $9.99/month for Luna+ and $5.99/month for the Family Channel.

Amazon Luna is currently available on Windows, macOS, Chromebooks, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, as well as Amazon’s Fire tablets and Fire TV devices. Luna games support mouse and keyboard as well as Xbox and PlayStation 4 controllers, but Amazon also created its own Luna controller that connects directly to the cloud. Amazon has also created a Luna Controller app for iOS and Android that can turn smartphones into Luna controllers.

When playing Luna games on a PC, Mac, or Fire TV, gamers can also broadcast their gameplay to Amazon’s Twitch platform. Google has created similar synergies between its Stadia service and YouTube, with gamers. “We’re only just getting started with Luna,” Amazon said today, and the company has yet to reveal when the cloud gaming service will be available outside of the US.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Amazon’s Luna Cloud Gaming Service is Now Generally Available in the US”

  1. christianwilson

    I've been playing on Luna for over a year and it has improved in performance, stability, features, and game selection.

    I feel the game selection mostly lends itself to casual gamers but the lineup continues to improve and the additional channels are a sign that Amazon is trying to offer more choices.

    I know a lot of people write Luna off in the same way they do Stadia, but Amazon is a much more stubborn company than Google is. I see the same pattern here as I have with their other products. Build slow and steady. Before you know it, Amazon has built a thriving business under people's noses.

    Amazon's biggest challenge is maintaining a game selection that is compelling when viewed alongside PlayStation and Xbox.

  2. rm

    From what I see here, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is much more worth the money! If you have enough family members with different game tastes, Luna can cost up to $35 for all the channels of games. Three years of Game Pass Ultimate (Buy 3 yrs Xbox Gold, then $1 for first month of Game Pass Ultimate and now you have 3 yrs of Game Pass Ultimate because the Gold licenses are converted).

    • christianwilson

      Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the best overall deal in gaming. If you go all in on Luna channels, then yeah, this gets very expensive.

      That said, Game Pass Ultimate is $15/month and depending on a person's interests, they could be paying for a lot of games they will never touch. That's kind of like the old saying about cable. You pay for a lot of channels you'll never watch. $5/month is a lot more attractive than $15 when all you want is a collection of games that are appropriate for kids, or in my wife's case, a collection of classic/retro games.

      I don't think Amazon's goal is to have people subscribe to every channel. It's a strategy to appeal to a wider audience than just the dedicated or hardcore gamer. Time will tell if its the right strategy or not but I like that they are trying something different to stand out.

    • sledge

      That concept of like for like Gold to Ultimate stopped years ago. There's now a ratio similar to 1 mth gold gives 10-14 days Ultimate.

  3. pwrof3

    I've been enjoying Luna for a few months now. It's good for some quick gaming sessions in my home office on my iMac, which would normally not be able to play much of anything.

    My advice is to use ethernet at all times and get the Luna controller for lag free gaming.

  4. hellcatm

    Yay? Does it really matter?

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