Tunic Gets a Surprise Day One Release on Xbox Game Pass

Tunic, a new indie action adventure game that was announced as an Xbox console launch exclusive a couple of years ago just had a surprise day one release on Xbox Game Pass. The game already received critical acclaim, and it should definitely benefit from the Xbox Game Pass exposure.

You may not have heard about Tunic, but the indie game was officially announced during Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2018 briefing. Tunic pays homage to classic Zelda games on Nintendo consoles, with various dungeons to explore, puzzles to solve, and lots of hidden secrets to discover. Players should expect some challenging combat as well.

“On your adventure you’ll explore a dense and mysterious overworld, from shadowy forests inhabited by dangerous creatures to intricate temples filled with hostile sorcerers. The sword is your primary weapon, but your greatest tool is knowing the right time to dodge, block, and swing. Your enemies will not hold back, so be sure to search your environment for bombs, stat boosts, and refillable health potions,” wrote Harris Foster, Senior Community Manager at the video game publisher Finji.

Tunic had some good screen time during Microsoft’s [email protected] game showcase on Twitch today, where the company revealed many other indie games coming soon to Xbox consoles. If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you can download and play Tunic on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S console right now. If you don’t have Game Pass, the game is priced at $29.99 on the Microsoft Store or Steam.

Several new games are also launching day one on Xbox Game Pass this month, including the snowboarding game Shredders and the Xbox version of Crusader Kings III. Microsoft now releases all of its first-party games day one on Game Pass, but the company has also been doing that with a growing number of third-party games in recent months, which is definitely exciting.

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Conversation 3 comments

  • christianwilson

    Premium Member
    16 March, 2022 - 4:07 pm

    <p>This game has been a long time coming and I’m glad to see it is well received. I queued up the download to my Xbox and excited to play it.</p><p><br></p><p>The developer needs to make a plushie of that fox. </p>

  • LT1 Z51

    Premium Member
    16 March, 2022 - 6:08 pm

    <p>I do like the original Legend of Zelda. Perhaps I will like this.</p>

  • scovious

    17 March, 2022 - 5:05 am

    <p>It’s a great game, and surprisingly challenging.</p>


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