Sony Unveils DualSense Edge Controller for PlayStation 5

Posted on August 24, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Games, PlayStation with 0 Comments

Sony gave us a first look at its new DualSense Edge wireless controller for PlayStation 5 yesterday. This is a premium version of Sony’s existing DualSense PS5 controller that will come with customizable controls, swappable buttons, and other cool features for hardcore gamers.

In the press release, Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President, Platform Experience at PlayStation described the DualSense Edge as “the first-ever high-performance, ultra-customizable controller developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.” In many ways, the DualSense Edge will offer many features Microsoft has been offering on its Xbox Elite controllers for a couple of years.

Here’s what to expect from Sony’s upcoming DualSense Edge PS5 controller:

Customizable controls: Players will be able to remap buttons, deactivate them, and adjust stick and trigger sensitivity.

Multiple profiles: PS5 gamers will be able to create multiple control profiles for the DualSense Edge and switch between them on the fly using the dedicated Fn button.

Swappable components: The DualSense will offer 3 types of swappable stick caps and two sets of swappable back buttons. The stick modules will also be user replaceable, though they’ll be sold separately.

Carrying case with built-in charger: The included carrying case will let PS5 gamers charge the DualSense Edge via its USB-C port.

Overall, Sony seems to have taken good inspiration from Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, which also came with a handy carrying case with a built-in charger. Sony didn’t share a release date or pricing details for its new DualSense Edge controller, though the company plans to share more details about it in the coming months.

According to NPD, Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Series 2 has been the best-selling video game accessory in dollar sales in the US throughout the year, so Sony seems well-inspired to offer a premium controller option for PlayStation 5 gamers. As for Microsoft, a white version of the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller leaked a couple of weeks ago, and it will be interesting to see if it could make an appearance at the Xbox gamescom conference on Thursday.

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