Xbox October Update Adds Option to Mute Startup Sounds

Posted on October 19, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Games, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox with 1 Comment

Microsoft has released today the October Update for Xbox consoles, and it adds a top-requested feature: The ability to mute startup sounds. Yes, you can finally get rid of the loud sounds that play every time you turn on your console. Microsoft previously added a setting for muting the Power chime as well.

To enjoy a silent startup experience, you’ll need to go Profile & system > Settings > General > Volume & audio output > Additional options and select Mute startup sounds. On this page, you can also find options to mute all navigation and notification sounds for a completely silent experience.

The October Xbox update also improves how HDMI-CEC works on Xbox Series X|S consoles: You can now change your TV volume by opening the Xbox Guide and using the volume slider in the TV volume section. Back in April, a previous HDMI-CEC update also added an option to switch TV input by pressing the Xbox Guide button on your controller, which is also really handy.

This month’s Xbox update also brings some naming changes across the OS. Xbox passkeys and guest keys have been renamed to Xbox PINs with no change in functionality. On the Power options page, “Standby” has been renamed “Sleep” and “Energy saver” has been updated to “Shutdown (energy saving).” Microsoft also added more details about how these two different power modes work.

The October Xbox update also adds new setup screens with more details when setting up your console as your home Xbox. For those unfamiliar, setting your console as your home Xbox lets you share your game library and subscriptions with other logged-in players, and you also get to play your digital games offline. If you have multiple Xbox consoles, be aware that you can only change your home Xbox 5 times per year.

After installing the October Xbox update, you’ll also be able to install firmware updates for your Xbox controllers. The new bits bring bug fixes for all Bluetooth-enabled controllers, and there are also specific fixes for USB flight sticks that connect to the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Lastly, Microsoft released today new updates for the Xbox apps for iOS and Android and the Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 and Windows 11. The Xbox mobile apps can now be used to trim the length of gaming clips uploaded to the Xbox network, and the Xbox Game Bar now supports exporting clips to for editing.

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