Thurrott Daily: December 1

Thurrott Daily: December 1
Boston 2014 (Lumia 735)

And so it begins. Here’s what else is happening today.

15/12/01 8:45:38 AM

Windows phone fanboys finally enter final stage of the 5 stages of grief: Acceptance

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Back in July, I accurately described Microsoft’s mobile strategy shift as a complete capitulation of the smart phone market. And, wow, did the fanboys not like that. We were treated to numerous editorials from fanboy blogs, trying to explain that everything was just fine.

But now, in the wake of the meh-tastic response to the Lumia 950/XL, they’re finally coming around.

Andy Weir channels his inner Thurrott in It’s time to stop making excuses for Microsoft’s mobile efforts :

Even I can see that Microsoft’s approach to mobile devices has always been a mess, and there remains little evidence of a clear and cohesive strategy to propel its smartphone platform to success … it’s time to stop making excuses for Microsoft’s efforts in the mobile market, and for its many missteps – and to stop trying to redefine the terms of how we judge its success.

And even Daniel Rubino—among the nicest, most positive people I’ve met—is admitting that there are clouds in the sky, in Viewing Windows phone in the proper context:

Microsoft is no longer pitting its mobile phone efforts head-to-head against its rivals. Microsoft has strategically withdrawn from the mass market and is no longer targeting general smartphone consumers with its devices.

Well, yes.

Here’s what I wrote on this topic, back in July.

Analysis: Microsoft is Scaling Back on Windows Phone Dramatically 
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Ask Paul: Should I Stick with Windows Phone?

Microsoft plans to announce new backwards compatible games for Xbox 360 each month

Now that backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games has finally come to Xbox One, eager fans are wondering when new games will be made available. Responding to such a fan on Twitter, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer had the following to say:

We will announce news monthly, don’t have a specific date for each month’s list.

That makes sense, as does delivering compatibility with new games at the same time a system update ships, though he doesn’t actually say that.

Samsung deposes mobile boss

I suppose it’s newsworthy that the world’s biggest seller of smart phones just fired its mobile chief.

From the WSJ:

Samsung Electronics Co. said Tuesday that its mobile chief J.K. Shin and another co-chief executive officer would step back from day-to-day operations, as the South Korean technology giant looks to new leadership to revive its once-booming smartphone business.

Samsung, which announced the moves as part of its annual year-end reshuffling, will hand over the reins of its mobile communications business to D.J. Koh, a lieutenant of Mr. Shin who as head of mobile research and development oversaw the development of Samsung’s mobile operating system, Tizen, and its mobile payment system, Samsung Pay.

So the guy who ran Tizen—quick, Google it—is taking over? Interesting. That would be like the guy running Windows phones taking over Windows. Inconceivable!

Chrome for Android reduces data consumption by up to 70 percent

A new release of the Chrome browser for Android can dramatically reduce data consumption, Google says:

We [previously] created Data Saver mode in Chrome, which reduces the amount of data used when you visit a web page.

Now, we’re updating this mode to save even more data – up to 70 percent! – by removing most images when loading a page on a slow connection. After the page has loaded, you can tap to show all images or just the individual ones you want, making the web faster and cheaper to access on slow connections.

Chrome users in India and Indonesia will be the first to get this expanded Data Saver mode, with additional countries in the coming months. Just flip on Data Saver mode in your Chrome app on Android devices to get rolling!

Google is so India- and Indonesia-centric! 🙂


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