Xbox (Beta) App Update on Windows 10 to Add Gamerscore Leaderboard, More

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Xbox (Beta) App Update on Windows 10 to Add Gamerscore Leaderboard, More

Tomorrow, Microsoft will issue a major update to the Xbox (Beta) app on Windows 10, giving gamers early access to a ton of new features, many of which parallel this month’s Xbox One Preview release.

Here’s what’s new.


Gamerscore leaderboard. Just as in last month’s Xbox One system update, a Gamerscore Leaderboard is coming to Xbox (Beta) app on Windows 10, in the Achievements section of your profile. The leaderboard wil let you compare your score with thsoe of your friends and see the biggest gains over a 30-day period.

Featured section update. The Featured section—which is below Recently Played—is being updated to spotlight games, deals, community events and more.


16-person Party Chat. Microsoft expanded Party Chat to enable 12-person Parties on Xbox One and the Xbox app last fall. But now they’re enabling 16-person Parties across both Xbox One Preview and the Xbox (Beta) app.


Xbox 360 achievements in the Activity Feed. Now, Xbox 360 Achievements will automatically post to your Activity feeds. As with Xbox One achievements, the Xbox 360 achievement graphic will feature a description of the achievement, the game you earned it from, and the Gamerscore associated with it.


More links from Game hubs. Game hubs will now offer web and YouTube links, both of which will open in your default web browser. You can caption, like, comment on, and share these links.


Avatar compare. Using a new Compare Avatars feature, You can customize your Avatar by viewing how your friends customize theirs.


Reputation display update. This one is interesting: Because the majority of Xbox Live players have “Good” reputations, Microsoft is changing its Reputation interface to highlight those rated as “Needs work” or “Avoid me.” So those with “Good” reputations will no longer feature a reputation gauge.


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