You Can Now Important Some Steam Games into Your GOG Library

You Can Now Important Some Steam Games into Your GOG Library

I received an interesting email from GOG (formerly Good Old Games) last night: Thanks to a new feature called GOG Connect, you can now important certain Steam games into your GOG game library and manage them from a single location.

“You own the games, so why buy them more than once?” the GOG Connect site notes. “Connect your Steam account and jumpstart your library.”

I promoted GOG many times in the past as a way to acquire great PC games from the past in DRM-free formats and at great prices. But over the years, GOG has evolved from its “Good Old Games” roots to become a bit more mainstream and, in some ways, it is even starting to rival Steam. For example, GOG now offers a GOG Galaxy gaming client that provides multiplayer capabilities, achievements, chat, and more.

And now you can integrate your Steam and GOG libraries, sort of: GOG will let you important (select) Steam games into GOG and then just gain access to them from GOG. No, it’s not all Steam games. Right now, GOG supports about 20 Steam titles.


“You’ll be able to permanently import all [supported] games to your library – assuming you own them,” GOG explains. “The eligible games are limited-time offers made possible by participating developers and publishers, so stay tuned for more games to come.”

Looking at the list of supported titles, I see a lot of old games—Unreal Gold and Unreal Tournament, for example, both of which I already own on GOG—plus some newer indie titles like Braid. So it’s likely that we’ll never see core Steam titles like the Half-Life series on this list, of course. But this is still a neat idea, and anything that removes the DRM from game titles you already own is great with me.

Game on.

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