AppRaisin App Pick of the Week: Alto’s Adventure for Windows 10

Posted on July 12, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Windows 10 with 0 Comments

AppRaisin App Pick of the Week: Alto's Adventure for Windows 10

Alto’s Adventure is a hugely popular perpetual motion scroller that debuted previously on Android and iOS. But it’s available now on Windows 10 for PCs, and that means you can finally try out all the snowboarding and llama goodness on a real computer.

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I had never played Alto’s Adventure before, so I downloaded it on Android as well to see how similar the two versions are. As you might expect, they’re visually and audibly very similar, but the Windows 10 version supports both mouse and touch, so you can play it on whatever kind of PC you might own. I tested it on Surface Book, with both input types.


Like most perpetual motion scrollers, the game is simple enough and it quickly gets frustrating as you try to avoid a crash landing, which can halt game play temporarily so you can stare at an ad. In the first level, you’re prompted with the basics: You are trying to collect escaped llamas (don’t ask) as you snowboard down a mountain and there are tons of obstacles to avoid or smash through, chasms to jump, and gorgeous parallax scrolling to enjoy.


As the game progresses, things change. The sun sets and things get darker. Weather occurs. And a host of more complex obstacles appears. These all make things more difficult over time.

You also collect coins over time—because Mario—and these can be used to buy items in a virtual workshop that will help you get past difficult areas. Yes, you can buy a coin multiplier with real money, if you want, but the game itself is free. Well, aside from the weird random (and low-quality) advertisement.


Alto’s Adventure is worth trying just for the immersive experience: The graphics have a cool, minimalist look that reminds me of Google’s Material design, and the music and sound effects are superb.

You can download Alto’s Adventure for Windows 10 from the Windows Store.

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