Riptide GP: Renegade Will Be Among the First Third-Party Xbox Play Anywhere Titles

Posted on November 9, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Windows 10, Xbox One with 6 Comments

Vector Unit announced that its upcoming hydrojet racing title, Riptide GP: Renegade, will be among the first third-party Xbox Play Anywhere titles. This means you can buy the game once and it play it on both Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Riptide GP: Renegade was originally announced over a year ago, and the game shipped this past summer on PlaySation 4. But the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions have been delayed for reasons unknown.

But that delay has a silver lining: Now, Riptide GP: Renegade will be an Xbox Play Anywhere title. And in addition to getting it on both platforms when you buy it, that means that gamers will be able to sync game progress, earn Xbox Achievements and Gamerscore, and play online multiplayer across both platforms. Vector Unit also notes that the Xbox One version of the game is the one to support local split-screen with up to six players.


The timing of the release is unclear, but it should be soon.

“This week, the Xbox One and Windows 10 version of RGPR is going into final certification testing at Microsoft,” Vector Unit’s Matt Small explains. “This is really good news; it means that we just need to clear a few compliance tests and we’ll be clear for launch. We won’t be able to give you an exact release date until the game has passed cert, but we hope to have that announcement for you very soon.”

But the wording on this claim is interesting: “Riptide GP: Renegade is going to be one of the very first third-party titles released with the Xbox Play Anywhere label.” This means that there are other Xbox Play Anywhere games coming soon from third party developers, which is great news. So far, all Xbox Play Anywhere titles have come from Microsoft’s own in-house studios only.

Great news.

And thanks to WinBeta for the tip!


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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Riptide GP: Renegade Will Be Among the First Third-Party Xbox Play Anywhere Titles”

  1. 427

    Play Anywhere makes sense for gamers who primarily game on Xbox, but not for gamers who primarily play games on PC who happen to own an Xbox.  I also don't think most people are going to make a buying decision based on the fact that the title is Play Anywhere compatible.  I could be completely wrong.

  2. 7067

    Awesome! good news that one company is taking the leap. hope to see others!

  3. 600

    My Biggest issue with play anywhere is that I have to get it digitally and when I'm putting a game under the tree for my kids, my wife wants a physical game to be there. Not a download code or a print out saying you got this game.


  4. 2371

    Keep them coming! PAW enabled games are a great value add!

  5. 2149

    Play Anywhere is a great idea, in theory. But really, who plays that frequently on both console and PC, on the same game? The kinds of games that people play on consoles - Call of Duty, etc - are the kind that need a pretty powerful PC to run. Most people don't have PCs like that. Seems like a problem no one really needed to be solved. Then again, I could be wrong, and I do like the general idea of Xbox being a brand that lives everywhere, not just as a piece of hardware that sits in your living room.

    • 218

      In reply to PhilipVasta:

      I know what you mean about a powerful PC. I bought Forza Horizon 3 for my Xbox One S and being a play anywhere title I thought I'd give it a try on my Surface Pro 3.  Unfortunately, it said sorry it won't run on my system.  Not a big deal as I have the Xbox One, but I was curious to see how it would work on the SP3.  I imagine that will be the case for most play anywhere titles in my situation as my SP3 is my only computer these days. Got rid of all the others and reduced the clutter in my office.

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