12 Days of Deals, Day 3: 50 Percent Off Xbox One Games

Posted on December 7, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Xbox 360, Xbox One with 9 Comments

12 Days of Deals, Day 3: 50 Percent Off Xbox One Games

On the third day of 12 Days of Deals, my true love gave to me … 50 percent off select Xbox One games! This is one of the better deals this year.

You can find the complete list on the Microsoft Store website. But here’s a rundown of the best deals today.

ReCore for Xbox One Now $19.99, was $39.99

Recore for Xbox One and Windows 10 Download Code Starting at $19.99, was $39.99

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for Xbox One Now $29.99, was $59.99

Madden NFL 17 for Xbox One Now $39.99, was $59.99

FIFA 17 for Xbox One Now $39.99, was $59.99

NHL 17 for Xbox One Now $39.99, was $59.99

Battlefield 1 for Xbox One Now $29.99, was $59.99

Forza Horizon 3 for Xbox One (Xbox Play Anywhere) Starting at $39.99, was $59.99

There are many other games on sale today, so check the full list.(Had Titanfall 2 been a better deal—say, half off—I would have pulled the trigger on that one.) Note the closeout sales on some Xbox 360 games in there as well.


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Comments (9)

9 responses to “12 Days of Deals, Day 3: 50 Percent Off Xbox One Games”

  1. 5240

    Warning, folks: I just gave up on Recore, which I bought for $20. It's fun, but the loading times are excruciating, nd they happen all the time. Even with a book on hand to reading during the loading, I couldn't take it anymore. 


    • 1073

      In reply to Michael Rivers: Playing recore as I write this and you are correct about the long loading times but they are bearable unless I have Zen like patience. I'd try reinstalling it to see if it gets better. Also, how did you buy it, digitally or physical? I bought mine digitally.


  2. 436

    FYI COD Infinite Legacy is on sale at Amazon today for $49.99.

  3. 131

    Disc only?  I'd love to grab Battlefield 1 but it shows Out of Stock.

  4. 8179

    Is this US only? Can't find it on The Canada site....

    • 3405

      In reply to Mcgillivray:

      It's here:

      Doesn't seem to list Forza...


  5. 4949

    In reply to Michael Rivers:

    Ya, Even on my PC (corei7 with 2 SSDs in Raid 0... ~1Gb/s throughput) the loading times are in the 15-20 sec range.  I imagine on console or HDD that would be getting close to a full minute or more of waiting.

    Still a fun game though!  And if you do have the drive throughput the wait is longer than other games... but not unbearable.

  6. 347

    And today the US gets $250 off a Surface 4 and here in Australia we just get 20% of a pair of headphones.

    Perhaps one day, Microsoft will wake up that there are customers out there in the rest of the world.