Google Announces the Games Coming to Stadia

Posted on November 11, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Google Stadia with 26 Comments

Google’s Stadia game streaming service will launch on November 19 with a library of 12 games that will grow over time.

“We’re happy to share which games you’ll be able to play on November 19, 2019, and through the rest of the year,” the Stadia team writes in a new blog post. “We’re launching Stadia with 12 carefully-chosen games on day one, and an additional 14 will be available by the end of the year. There’s something for everyone here: a library of superb, critically-acclaimed titles spanning multiple genres and age ratings.”

Here’s what’s coming to Stadia between the launch and the end of 2019:

November 19. Assassins Creed Odyssey, Destiny 2: The Collection, GYLT, Just Dance 2020, Kine, Mortal Kombat 11, Red Dead Redemption 2, Thumper, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, and SAMURAI SHODOWN.

Coming later in 2019. Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle, Borderlands 3, Darksiders Genesis, DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2, Farming Simulator 19, FINAL FANTASY XV, Football Manager 2020, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, GRID, Metro Exodus, NBA 2K20, RAGE 2, Trials Rising, and Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

Those are some pretty impressive games, honestly, and this lineup is certainly stronger than that of Apple TV+, which launched with perhaps one decent show and several “meh” shows recently. (Yes, Apple TV+ is a streaming video service, but I feel the two are comparable because in each case a tech giant was starting from scratch with a new service.) That said, none of the Stadia titles are exclusives, either, and that tends to get video game fans all tied up in knots.

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Comments (26)

26 responses to “Google Announces the Games Coming to Stadia”

  1. Lateef Alabi-Oki

    I thought gylt was exclusive to Stadia. I don't expect to see exclusive Stadia games for another 2 years. It's a good lineup. I have at least 5 games that I'm interested in. I haven't been a gamer in almost a decade. It's weird how Stadia is renewing my love and interest in gaming again after almost a decade of apathy.

  2. codymesh

    these services are shooting themselves in the foot by not launching in asian markets where the fastest and most competitive internet speeds/prices are, and instead launching in the west where connections are saddled with caps and bad pricing

  3. pargon

    There's so many games out there, not that I have time to play, but if I did....would pick up 3 of them for $5 each at gamestop or ebay used and own them forever instead of only until Google cancels the service. Xbox game pass seems like such a better deal.

    • Bats

      In reply to Pargon:

      Google doesn't cancel paid services. Only the free ones that nobody uses.

    • Vladimir Carli

      In reply to Pargon:

      Xbox game pass is a better deal if you play a lot of games and don't mind which ones. Seems something for kids and teenagers. I have little time and I play max 4-5 titles that I keep for a long time, usually years. I cancelled my subscription to game pass because I was using it only for Forza Horizon. If you play it seriously you also want the DLCs, which are not included in gamepass, it's actually much cheaper to buy the game. If you are interested in 50 different games and have the time to play them, game pass is a better deal but it's not for everyone.

  4. tripleplayed

    Good Lineup. Still not sure how well this service will catch on in the immediate future. People with good enough internet for this can afford dedicated hardware. Well I guess it might be a easier sell in countries outside the US where internet prices are much better.

    Still though, the idea of only having to pay for software and not hardware is certainly a nice thought.

    If Stadia games came with codes to be used in Steam etc. for offline use as well then I would probably be a lot more interested. Not sure I want to buy games that are streaming only just yet. Especially when the competition will offer both offline and streaming licenses for games you purchase.

    • Vladimir Carli

      In reply to TriplePlayed:

      exactly. Now my ability to play is limited by hardware that I can't carry around and occupies a lot of space. Game streaming could solve this problem but the limit will be the internet connection. I play a lot when I travel for work because I have more time, especially in the evening. However it's likely that stadia will not be playable on the typical hotel connections and too expensive to play on mobile connection. Not sure how they will solve this problem but it's clear that one way of playing (dedicated hardware or streaming) will not be enough for anyone, so portability of games from one platform to another one will be of primary importance.

  5. smartin

    Of the titles I'd be interested in I already have, well, all of them. So I will be able to pass on this for now. If the service takes off and reviews are good, I'll be watching new titles coming out. It's an interesting concept, and it sounds like a good many games in Genres I like.

  6. nobody9

    None of those games are kosher enough to play with my kids. FPS dominated, and thus worthless.

  7. Vladimir Carli

    I think most people are missing the point here. Stadia is not a replacement for the software, but for the hardware, which they will offer for free at 1080p. Obviously whoever owns a gaming computer or a console today is not interested. Who has to buy the first gaming hardware or when it’s time to upgrade, things will change.

    From my point of view, the main problem is that with too many platforms it will be extremely annoying if games are not somehow cross compatible

    • nicholas_kathrein

      In reply to Vladimir:

      In interested and I build me gaming PC and spend about$1500 on new parts every 3 years on average. Maybe every other year a video card and on the third year procedure and ram. I'm interested. Is love to but into nook sized boxes instead of big gaming towers and spend more like $600 every 3 years and just carry my controller around.

  8. Stooks

    The comparison with Apple TV+ is so utterly lame.

    We all get you LOOOOOOVE all things Google and loath all things Apple (and have for a good 10+ years) but seriously there is NO comparison. I know you know that Apple released Apple Arcade and even that would be a weak comparison (mobile games vs console/PC games) but it would be about a 1000 yards closer to an actual comparison.

    My prediction.....Google Stadia will fail and fail hard. Out of the blue two year from now will be the announcement they are shutting it down.

  9. BrianEricFord


    The Apple TV + comparison seems immensely stupid.

    Hell, you could’ve compared it to Apple Arcade, which would have still been a stretch, but at least the genre of media would’ve lined up. In that comparison, Apple has released a few dozen really well-received (exclusives!) at an amazing price point.

    I guess making a better comparison doesn’t make much sense if you don’t get to criticize Apple while doing it, though?

  10. crownseven

    If that’s the list then this thing is DOA.

  11. jeff.bane

    "Coming later in 2019", so December I guess? lol.

  12. nbplopes

    You are comparing Apple to oranges. Any exclusives? Nope. Apple launched with exclusives only ... for the good and for the bad.

    Now talking about a more comparable offer. Xbox xCloud.

    If MS offered the ability to stream any games I own on Xbox One X from xCloud at no additional cost but the price of subscribing to xCloud and vice versa ... that is how to compete. Now if I have to buy the game again to play on xCloud ... cya when you grow up. I

    Players should not have to decide between buy a game for streaming or on the console.

    Stadia has no ability to provide a similar offer.

    But I guess knowing MS they will wait until someone gains the same ability.

    • EraseYourself

      In reply to nbplopes: ? That’s exactly what Microsoft is doing and working on. If it can be played on the Xbox one it can be streamed. It’s basically the PlayStation’s remote play without restrictions.

      • nbplopes

        In reply to EraseYourself:

        That might be what is expected by customers. But knowing MS it never does what its expected, or does somethingt with a twist that looks like it is what you might expect but in the end the twist voids the expectation.

        Just saying. Been there times enough to be cautious.

  13. dbtom

    I've got to figure if you wanted to play any of those games you could already do so. At least the Apple stuff is new and exclusive. I don't see this lineup appealing to very casual gamers, who would be the ones most unlikely to be able to play these games.

    I think the only one that is included in the subscription is Destiny, but I am admittedly a bit confused about how they are pricing.

  14. rm

    For how much a month? Not worth it. Any of the games I would want to pay money for are found elsewhere without paying for the handful of games every month. Also most of the games I would want to play are not ones you can jump in and out of easily and so are not very well fit for phones. Consoles and computers are a much better fit. So, for me, there is nothing to see here.

  15. Vladimir Carli

    This is interesting but the devil is in the details. What kind of licensing do they offer? If I buy a game on stadia will I be able to play it anywhere else or not? I don’t care about exclusives. I’m happy to pay for a streaming service but I don’t have any desire to re-buy my library of games

  16. vinay21

    Very good information.. Sarkari job find