Google Says Over 100 Games are Coming to Stadia in 2021

Posted on February 12, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Google Stadia with 8 Comments

Yes, Google axed its internal game studio, but the firm still plans to bring over 100 third-party games to its Stadia game streaming service in 2021.

“We’re thrilled to continue bringing great games from some of the best developers for our players to experience within the Stadia store,” the Stadia team writes in a new post to the Stadia Community Blog. “More than 100 games will be added to the Stadia store for our players in 2021 to share, experience, and play with friends.”

For now, Google is just highlighting several of the games that are coming soon to Stadia. These include Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition (Feb. 23), Shantae: Risky’s Revenge – Director’s Cut (Feb. 23), It came from space and ate our brains (Mar. 2), FIFA 21 (Mar. 17), Kaze and the Wild Masks (Mar. 26), Judgment (Apr. 23), Killer Queen Black, Street Power Football, and Hellpoint.

I’m not a marketer, but maybe Google could have communicated this when it killed its Stadia Games & Entertainment (SG&E) team. The resulting controversy was predictable and avoidable.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Google Says Over 100 Games are Coming to Stadia in 2021”

  1. dftf

    Though Terraria won't be one of them...

  2. crunchyfrog

    In times of COVID, my bandwidth is at a premium, especially now that at&t has stopped being nice and is charging me for going over my limit. I for one am sticking to my PC where my downloaded games function without streaming or bandwidth issues.

  3. crunchyfrog

    Does anyone know what the user numbers are from Google for this service?

    • Greg Green

      In reply to crunchyfrog:

      9 to 5 android, from about a year ago says using Destiny 2 statistics tool Charlemagne, “Destiny 2 on Google Stadia has not had a single day with more than 10,000 players, with the population continuing to trend downward.

      “By comparison, Just yesterday...Destiny 2 had

      385,000 players on PlayStation 4,

      270,000 on Xbox One,

      368,000 on Steam,

      and a measly 5,590 on Stadia.”

      I can’t find anything more current.

  4. dimsedane

    They should have timed this better and with more big named titles. If the story last week was "we are shutting down the studio to focus on third party titles like Fifa and call of duty" (that last once is just a personal hope) it would have been a very different story for them

  5. Calibr21

    Stadia as a consumer platform still may be dead. These deals were likely negotiated months ago. When companies pull the plug on funding its often abrupt and all at once.

    There were reports of devs getting funding pulled shortly after the Stadia Studio closure announcement. I'd imagine in general google isn't putting out more money to get games on the Stadia platform.

    Their press release on the studio closure described their new business model. They want to "partner" with publishers to get games using Stadia technology. I believe this means Google is done paying out money to get games on Stadia and instead wants publishers to pay Google to host games on Stadia.

    Google is likely changing the Stadia business model and instead of trying to be like a traditional console where they get 30% of transactions, a publisher pays them a set rate for cloud hosting and publisher keeps their 30% cut. So in other words Stadia will function like a normal cloud service, which makes sense since that is Google's strength anyway. Google has never been strong at cultivating a consumer "community" so no reason to spend money doing that on Stadia.

  6. scovious

    Now I can pay a monthly fee to fragment my game collection and community? No thanks.

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