So, We Should Probably Have a Little Chat About Stadia (Premium)


When Google announced that it was halting internal efforts to develop Stadia games and rely instead on third-party titles, it set off a firestorm. On the one hand, we have the expected catcalls about Google killing services. And on the other, we have a small contingent of people who have actually tried Stadia, really like the service, and don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

I’m somewhere in the middle, I guess. Google has absolutely earned its reputation for killing off services unceremoniously over the years. And I have tried Stadia, have in fact played it quite a bit, and I really like the service. I wrote about my Stadia experiences twice so far, in Living with Game Streaming: Google Stadia (Premium) and Living with Game Streaming: Google Stadia + Chromebook (Premium).

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