Epic Games Files Complaint Against Apple in the UK

Posted on March 30, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Apple, Games, Mobile gaming, Mobile, iOS with 3 Comments

Epic Games today announced that it has filed a complaint to the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in support of its investigation into Apple’s anticompetitive behavior.

“By kneecapping the competition and exerting its monopoly power over app distribution and payments, Apple strips UK consumers of the right to choose how and where they get their apps, while locking developers into a single marketplace that lets Apple charge any commission rate they choose,” Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney says. “These harmful practices lead to artificially inflated costs for consumers, and stifle innovation among developers, many of whom are unable to compete in a digital ecosystem that is rigged against them.”

According to the complaint, Apple’s anticompetitive business practices “constitute a clear violation of the UK Competition Act of 1998.”

The complaint follows other legal actions that Epic Games has engaged in against Apple since last year, including lawsuits it filed in the United States, Australia, and the European Union. And as the company notes, it is not seeking monetary damages.

“Instead, Epic is pursuing regulatory remedies that will prevent Apple’s intentional distortion and manipulation of the market and ensure fair access and competition for consumers and developers in the UK and around the world,” the firm explains.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Epic Games Files Complaint Against Apple in the UK”

  1. Truffles

    "constitute a clear violation"

    As they say, if your case is strong, cite the evidence; if you case is weak, thump the table.

  2. scovious

    There is no rational reason an App developer should pay Apple 30% of their revenue for hosting their app file. There is no reason a trillion dollar company like Amazon should be given lower rates than small creators. The entire world is slowly coming down on Apple's restrictive App store rules, and if Epic succeeds it will set a standard for Android, Steam, and any other high tax app store. I hope Epic succeeds for the good of the hard working creators, rather than the penny pinching, tax-avoiding mega corporations.