Xbox Series X: Sizing Up The Hardware Iterations

Posted on December 17, 2019 by Brad Sams in Xbox, Xbox Series X with 10 Comments

Last week, Microsoft made a big splash with the Xbox Series X as the company unveiled the console well-ahead of expected reveal around the E3 timeline. But with the console now being shown to the world and a number of the specs now known, digging into the details highlights a few more bits of information.

Microsoft has clarified the name of the console. The company says that the device is called Xbox, with Series X defining the actual SKU of the hardware. While this does not definitively say that there are more versions of the console coming, it opens the door further to how the company can expand its offerings.

Logically, this means that Xbox Series X is from the Xbox One X lineage which means that Xbox Series S could be the name for the lower-end version that is currently codenamed Lockhart.

As for the size, which is one thing that was left off the table during the announcement, it looks like the console is approximately 15x15x30cm (6x6x12in) in size, thanks to the work by Frandroid.. You can compare this to the Xbox One X which has dimensions of 29x23x6cm (11.8 x 9.4 x 2.4 in); keep in mind these are educated guesses, we need to wait for Microsoft to provide the final size chart for the Series X.

While this is only a concept, a user on Twitter (@CptOneEyedWilly) created a neat path for how Microsoft could use different sized boxes to represent different iterations of the next-generation Xbox. While his naming convention doesn’t align to Series S/X, the idea does seem somewhat plausible with lower-specced versions being smaller than the Series X.

And even though the design is a bit..bland, it does leave the door open to a significant amount of customizations. A user on Reddit created a mockup of what a Minecraft themed Series X could look like and it appears to be a product right out of the Microsoft design labs.

Microsoft has certainly mixed up the naming and design schemes for this generation of the console and it will be interesting to see how this plays out over the life of the hardware.

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