Microsoft Announces First Gaming Event for 2021

Posted on February 12, 2021 by Brad Sams in Games, Xbox with 5 Comments

With the launch of the Xbox Series X and S now behind us, many gamers are looking ahead to see what new features, titles, and functionality will be coming to these devices. Microsoft is preparing to host several events throughout 2021 to talk about gaming and its technology with the first conference taking place in a couple of weeks.

Microsoft has announced its AI and Gaming Research Summit will take place February 23rd-24th. Even though this isn’t a gaming showcase, there is going to be a lot of conversations around the technology and tooling that turns ideas into reality.

And you might be thinking that this is a small event but based on the agenda, or at least who will be speaking at the event, that does not appear to be the scenario. Two notable names that you have likely heard before include Phil Spencer, Executive Vice President, Gaming, and Kareem Choudhry ,Corporate Vice President, Gaming Cloud, Microsoft, will both be taking the stage.

According to the landing page, the event is focused on four themes:

  • AI Agents for gameplay and game testing
  • Responsible Gaming, including ethics, safety, and inclusivity
  • Computational creativity and content generation
  • Understanding Players, player engagement, and analytics

For game developers and academics who are looking to explore the data and technology created by Microsoft’s gaming and research divisions, this event will provide the perfect intersection. Even though this isn’t a typical gaming conference, if you care about how the sausage is made, you will want to tune in.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Microsoft Announces First Gaming Event for 2021”

  1. dftf

    In gaming-related news, how about covering this Paul:

    "Apple’s rumored VR headset could cost $3,000, feature 8K displays and over a dozen cameras"

    • anoldamigauser

      In reply to dftf:

      You know, of course, that Brad penned this article.

      • dftf

        In reply to AnOldAmigaUser:

        Sorry, you've lost me.

        You mean he wrote the article I linked to, or he covered it on here (in which case, I have looked back over articles back to late January and haven't found one...)

        • christianwilson

          In reply to dftf:

          AnOldAmigaUser meant that Brad wrote this article we are commenting on now, and not Paul, so your request should be directed at Brad.

          But yeah, I agree. That Apple VR headset news has piqued my interest. Would love to see some coverage about it.

    • scovious

      In reply to dftf:

      If Apple managed to make a dual 8K display that offered a 90 FPS minimum (to overcome motion sickness), then that would mean Apple invented a more powerful and cheaper GPU than Nvidia. You think too highly of Apple.