Amazon Launches New Feature for the Xbox Skill for Alexa

Posted on April 13, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Amazon, Dev, Smart Home, Xbox, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X with 5 Comments

In partnership with Microsoft, Amazon now lets customers directly download Xbox Game Pass titles using the Alexa smart assistant.

“The new feature will work through voice support, so you can say, ‘Alexa, download (game) from Xbox Game Pass’,” an Amazon representative told me. “With this launch, Xbox Game Pass members can hear about what’s new in the Game Pass library, and download games from any Alexa-enabled device to their Xbox console – so, you’ll be able to download games from essentially anywhere – while running with your Echo Buds, in the car with Echo Auto, in the grocery store with your Echo Frames, and more.”

Amazon notes that Microsoft is the first gaming partner to launch this new Alexa direct-download feature, which follows the recent launch of Alexa for Xbox. This app lets Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S owners enjoy visual Alexa features on their TVs and unlock more ways to interact with Xbox consoles using their voice.

This new feature is initially available for customers in the US, but Amazon says it will be adding additional locales in the future.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Amazon Launches New Feature for the Xbox Skill for Alexa”

  1. ghostrider

    There are just some weird as hell collaborations going on these days. Amazon and Microsoft 'hooking up' because they both think it will benefit each other. Just weird, and you can probably count the number of people using these features on one hand (not including your thumb).

    • christianwilson

      In reply to ghostrider:

      I occasionally use the Alexa Xbox skill, but it is rare. More of a nice to have than something I would rely on.

      This skill? Probably more of the same. I do have Echo Auto in my car so if I am listening to a podcast that mentions a game, it sounds interesting, and I could get it from Game Pass, I might queue up that download while it is on my mind. Otherwise, I'll just use the phone app like I usually do.

    • bettyblue

      In reply to ghostrider:

      I could not agree more. So much work for so little gain. Amazon is just putting Alexa on anything it can. Microsoft is trying out any possible communication app or angle they can. Hopefully they do not buy and ruin Discord.

      I am not a fan of Amazon, so unless Alexa is on my XSX and I do not know it, it never will be.

    • thretosix

      In reply to ghostrider:

      I do know you can control your Xbox using Alexa and Google Assistant. I don't know if this new feature also extends to Google Assistant as well but it would make sense if it did or may be soon. I believe with the axing of Kinect for all intensive purposes, the Alexa / Google features makes sense.

  2. earlster

    Cortana ehh Alexa, download Halo from Xbox Game Pass