Halo Infinite’s Mid-Season Update Addresses Cheating Issues and More

Posted on February 24, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Games, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Project xCloud, Xbox, PC gaming with 5 Comments

As we’re now halfway through Halo Infinite’s first multiplayer season, the game has received a big update on Xbox consoles and PC today. Developer 343 Industries has started to address the cheating issues that many players have been complaining about since launch, though there’s still no option to disable Xbox and PC crossplay entirely.

Today’s patch also improves many other things in the game including sound effects, first-person animations, matchmaking, as well as the Campaign’s save system. There are also some Xbox-specific improvements related to Quick Resume and Dolby Vision on Series X|S consoles.

Here are the main highlights in Halo Infinite’s Mid-Season Update:

  • First-person animations, including reloading and clambering, now appear smoother at all framerates.
  • Audio mix improvements across both multiplayer and campaign.
  • Improved cheat detection and other anti-cheat improvements.
  • Multiple improvements to Quick Resume on Xbox Series X|S consoles.
  • Improvements to Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range (HDR) output on Xbox Series X|S consoles
  • Stability improvements for Xbox One consoles.

Halo Infinite was the first game in the series to launch simultaneously on Xbox and PC with a free-to-play multiplayer mode. The game’s first multiplayer season will last six months and conclude in May, which is quite unusual for a game of this caliber. If Halo Infinite still has a pretty limited selection of maps, the fan-favorite Forge mode won’t be available until the launch of the game’s Season 3 later this year.

Even though Halo Infinite launched without key content such as Forge and Campaign co-op last year, the game still had a record-breaking launch. Over 20 million players had already played Halo Infinite as of last month, and making the game’s multiplayer mode free-to-play was a great move to bring the iconic shooter franchise to a new generation of players.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Halo Infinite’s Mid-Season Update Addresses Cheating Issues and More”

  1. spacein_vader

    I'm pleased they've not disabled cross play. The solution is to fix the cheating problem, not simply lock one side of your player base onto bearing the brunt of it. That would just show you didn't value them as much.

    • Donte

      If they want to keep the game going they will not allow the disable of cross play. Once its fractured it will die faster.

      Gaming is a such a mix today. You have plenty of console players using XIM devices with Keyboard and mouse, and PC players using controllers. Crossplay, always on is the future.

  2. jerquiaga

    Can you go back and replay campaign missions yet?

  3. scovious

    I disabled cross play from my Xbox system settings, and my matchmaking experience has been much better as in experiencing fewer people overtly cheating. By the way does anyone know if Quick Resume works now? What does "improved Quick Resume" even mean? It didn't work at all before.