Microsoft Now Offers Refurbished Xbox Series X Consoles Online

Posted on March 28, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Xbox Series X, Xbox with 10 Comments

As Microsoft’s Xbox Series X consoles still remain very hard to find in 2022, the company has started offering refurbished units on its online Microsoft store. As reported by Windows Central, the certified refurbished consoles are currently available in the US and UK, with some important differences.

On the US Microsoft Store, a refurbished Xbox Series X console ($469.99) needs to be purchased in a bundle including a digital game starting at $27.49 plus an Xbox Wireless Controller starting at $54.99, for a total of $552,47. On the UK Microsoft Store, though, a refurbished Xbox Series X consoles cost £419.99, and purchasing a second controller is optional.

As for what to expect from Microsoft certified refurbished devices, the company says that the consoles “undergo a complete refurbishment process before being offered for resale. All replaced parts are genuine Microsoft components, and your device will come preinstalled with the latest software updates plus outstanding technical & software support.” Refurbished consoles also come with a one—year hardware warranty, and consumers can also pay for Microsoft Complete for Xbox ($49 or £39) to get accidental damage coverage for up to three years.

With still no clear sign of improvements regarding the ongoing chip shortages, these refurbished Xbox Series X consoles may well become an interesting option for Xbox fans. Microsoft also has an alternative to the Series X with the $299 Xbox Series S, which is both cheaper and easier to manufacture. While this console can play all current-gen games just fine, it lacks a disc drive and comes with half the storage of the Series X, and that’s possibly a dealbreaker for many gamers.

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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Microsoft Now Offers Refurbished Xbox Series X Consoles Online”

  1. StevenLayton

    It funny, after a year of waiting I finally got an Xbox Series X a few weeks ago. It's a great console, coupled with Game Pass it's even better. But I think (for me) the idea of owning one was greater than owning one. I'm going to keep mine, as I'm sure that I'll eventually make more use of it, but I wonder if I'm not the only one feeling this way.

    • christianwilson

      I am writing something about this for my own site. I upgraded to a new iPhone over the weekend (11 to 13). Everything about it is better than what I had but after I migrated the data and settings over to the new phone and spent a few minutes checking things out it became business as usual. It's my iPhone. Just newer. Not a knock against the iPhone. It's just a sign that we've reached maturity with these things.

      I experienced the same feelings when I upgraded our Xbox One S to the Series X on Christmas. The graphics are sharper, there's more detail, load times are minimal. The Series X is better in every way to the One S it replaced but it plays the same games and functions almost exactly the same. It's my Xbox. Just newer.

      I love my Series X and I don't regret buying one for a second, but I think the console space, much like the mobile phone space, has reached a state of evolution instead of revolution.

      • greatrexmark

        Would like to read what you are writing for your website. How could i find it? Ive been going back to older games that i never got the chance to play. Its quite fun to experience them for the first time. I'm looking of a feeling of freshness and gameplay i"ve just never tried before, it it feels too similar then i try another game.

    • jdjan

      Same. I bought it to run MSFS after a dismal experience on my aging PC and passable experience on my MacBook via boot camp.

      Annoyingly (but not Microsoft's fault) I run it through an A/V receiver in my media cabinet that only pushes a 1080p image to my TV, so I don't even benefit from 4K. Probably should have got the Series S.

  2. nerdile

    I love my refurbished console :)

  3. skyczy08

    I got my Series X new, but if I couldn't I would definitely go for refurbished.

    I just feel bad that some my buddies cant find it, and still suffer from the slower hardware that takes AGES to load games.

  4. thea2_

    I wonder why these units were returned, are there any flaws that I should know about with the hardware?

  5. MoopMeep

    I never understood refurbished. 470 doesn't really seem like that good of a deal to get a console that you don't know what happened to it in the past. Gamestop sells refurbished and there are a ton of videos online. The price difference between new and refurbished at gamestop is minimal and gamestop tends to damage the refurbished items by trying to scuff out issues on things like controllers. Not sure if Microsoft or apple do better but I still would be hesitant to buy anything refurbished.

    • tarnishedtinman

      My refurbished unit showed up yesterday. It comes in a sealed box that looks like the retail unit except that the picture of the Xbox is a line drawing and there is a section on the box that says it is a refurbished unit that has been refurbished to it’s original specifications.

      Inside the box everything was wrapped and protected like factory original. Since the unit was shipped from Microsoft my Microsoft account already shows the unit and it’s one year warranty.

      I would never buy something ‘refurbished’ from a retail store my experience with refurbished units from Apple, Breville and now Microsoft has always been very positive.

      Best part of this deal though was that I didn’t have to pay some scalper $900 for a new XBox. So it’s even less about the $30 and more about the availability.

  6. tarnishedtinman

    I ordered one of the refurbished units and it is supposed to be here tomorrow.

    I have often purchased items from different companies ‘refurbished’ sites. The thing to look out for is whether it’s a third party selling the refurbished unit or the actual company that makes the unit.

    I will post back here when my unit arrives and share my experience with the refurbished unit.