Xbox One X Pre-Order is “Fastest Ever,” Microsoft Confirms

Posted on August 25, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox One with 20 Comments

Xbox One X Pre-Order is "Fastest Ever," Microsoft Confirms

Microsoft has confirmed reports that its Xbox One X video game console is off to a fast start. In fact, it is the fastest-selling Xbox pre-order ever, the company says.

“We launched Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition pre-orders worldwide Sunday night, and within just a few days, we saw record-setting sell-out times, and are currently sold out in many countries around the world,” Microsoft’s Mike Nichols says. “You, our biggest fans, have pre-ordered more Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition consoles in the first five days than any Xbox ever.”

Yesterday, I used anecdotal information to show that the Xbox One X was selling tremendously well in pre-order, and Microsoft said earlier this week that it was selling better than it had expected. Today … well, the firm isn’t supplying any hard data, of course. But it has a few quotes from its retail partners.

“Microsoft has done it again,” a quote attributed to a GameStop senior vice president reads. “The speed at which we sold through our initial pre-order supply surpassed expectations, and what we experienced with pre-orders for the original Xbox One console.”

“We were absolutely astonished with the run on Microsoft`s new flagship console of the Xbox One family,” a quote attributed only to Media Markt reads. “The Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition was the fastest sold-out Xbox console ever.”

See? Proof. 🙂

In other news, Microsoft says that it will make more Xbox One X consoles available for pre-order in order to help meet demand. These won’t be the Project Scorpio version, but will instead be the standard console. Microsoft says this will happen “next month.”


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Comments (20)

20 responses to “Xbox One X Pre-Order is “Fastest Ever,” Microsoft Confirms”

  1. wshwe

    I'm always dubious when a company refuses to reveal hard numbers. Comparing it to original Xbox One pre-orders isn't saying much. That was a disaster.

  2. coldunn

    Personal bug-bear of mine is I hate the term pre-order. Even if an item has not been released yet you are still making an order. Pre-order is the time before you press confirm on the order.

  3. MutualCore

    Too bad Microsoft doesn't have a flagship JRPG like Zelda or Horizon Zero Dawn.

  4. PeteB

    Scalpers gonna scalp. And Fanboys gonna pay them anything.

    Unfortunately, sustained sales will be nonexistent - and MS knows it, thus the desperation to hype this up like it's some longterm indicator.

    End of the day, Scorpio still doesn't have any exclusive IP to actually convert people from other platforms. That's the elephant in the room.

    • scoob101

      In reply to PeteB:

      It is however, by far and away the best place to play multi-platform titles. Lets see what that does to the state of play.

      • Stooks

        In reply to scoob101:


        I own Forza, the only Xbox exclusive. On the PS4 I own last of us. The rest of my games are all multiplat. 98% of games played are multiplat.

        The "exclusives" argument is sad fangirl excuse.

        Xbox Live network >>>>>>> PSN, 8 days a week. The Xbox One X is the very best console to play 98% of console games.

        • Darmok N Jalad

          In reply to Stooks:

          You do realize that the thing you call an "excuse" (the opinion of better first party titles) is pretty much the exact same excuse you use to prop up Xbox (the opinion of a better online service). Both situations can be defended by facts, but they could also be mindlessly argued by "fangirls," as you call them. Perhaps instead it's personal preference? You could at least consider that while you may hold no value in first-party content or quality, there are actually people--millions of them, if game sales mean anything---that do. I can tell you that I don't play very many cross-platform titles, and of those, the only one I play online is Destiny.

          • Stooks

            In reply to Darmok N Jalad:

            I own both and game on both. That said my PS4 has been a pretty much a dust collector since I got my Xbox One S.

            I freely admit that the PS4 has better AAA exclusives by a small margin. Last of us, uncharted, rachet and clank, HZD, MLB the Show, God of war (whenever it finally comes out), Grand Turismo (finally coming out this fall) are all quality/AAA exclusives. Xbox has theirs as well but I don't think as many quality/AAA titles. If you are Japanese then there is a ton of exclusives, none of which I even know the names of. Of those AAA PS4 exclusives I have only really played Last of Us, Uncharted 1/2 and part of 3 and MLB. Notice how most of those exclusives are third person role playing games? (last of us, uncharted, HZD, Rachet, GOW). If you not into that type of game then that list shrinks a lot.

            As far as the network service, XBL vs PSN, there is no doubt in my mind which is better. The speed (download), stability (PSN has bad lag often), SECURITY (when is the next PSN hack coming), and friend/chat/party have always been better on XBL. PSN never had really added parties until the PS4.

            • Darmok N Jalad

              In reply to Stooks:

              I totally agree that Live service is better than PSN. I'd go a step further and say that MS's store and how it is served to the customer is much better as well. I don't know if that's because Sony has more international presence and must be more flexible, or if MS has just figured out its presentation better. Even payments on Xbox are better. With Sony, any PayPal purchase transfers funds to your wallet, which then pays for the content. I cancelled a preorder on PS Store once, and what they will try to do first is refund it to your Playstation wallet. You have to go through customer service to get a complete refund to get it back on PayPal.

  5. Tony Barrett

    Well it would be wouldn't it? Tell you what MS, don't release any numbers or details whatsoever, yet just issue a press-release saying it's the 'fastest pre-order ever'. Instant headlines, instant feeding frenzy. Job done.

  6. Invinciblegod

    Let's just hope it's not all flippers.

  7. gvan

    I have been thinking about buying one of these new Xbox one X consoles at Christmas time. I'm worried about them being in short supply at that time. Do I need to pre order now just to get it by Christmas? I will be in a better position to buy it at Christmas time so I really want to wait and hopefully get it a Costco! What does the supply for Christmas look like?

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