Xbox One X Unboxing

Posted on October 26, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox One with 44 Comments

Oh, happy day! My Xbox One X has arrived, and while I can’t really write any first impressions yet, I can at least show you the unboxing experience.

Note that I need to wait until Friday, November 3 to post my initial impressions. But the package I received from Microsoft also contains a ton of other goodies, and there’s going to be a lot to discuss. But for now … here it is.

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Comments (44)

44 responses to “Xbox One X Unboxing”

  1. xapache

    Lucky you. I will miss my Kinect for voice commands when the remote is out of reach. Surprisingly, so will my wife as she noted just this morning.

    • Polycrastinator

      In reply to xapache:

      Given the prevalence of Windows Hello, I wonder if we'll see some sort of camera/mic array resurrected that isn't quite so cost prohibitive for the console. If this was a $40 accessory, I think we'd be talking about a completely different market dynamic.

  2. Dan

    I picked up a Switch today. Can wait for Mario Oddyssey tomorrow!

  3. Polycrastinator

    That is some exhaust right there.

    Ironically, with the death of Kinnect, we've been toying with buying an Xbox One to get one, as Microsoft is rereleasing The Disneyland game, and my son loves it on 360. We don't yet have a 4K TV, but are looking to get one, so having 4K Blu Ray support built in would be a big benefit. I'm rather gunshy of the One S with the reported fan noise while watching movies, though, and I'm hoping that in particular is better with the X.

  4. ilovemissy85

    Looks great Paul, I'm still on the fence with buying a PS4 Pro or the X.

  5. Skolvikings

    For what it is and how much it costs, I expected it to look a little bit more... "premium."

  6. junjunralriosa

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  7. mahoekst

    I hate you :) (enjoy!)

  8. MoopMeep

    Kinda looks like the ps2

  9. nickysreensaver

    Paul, You gotta get rid of those green walls. A nice grey perhaps. An who did the lousey patch job?

  10. Jules Wombat

    Pig ugly with no Cortana voice control or AR port. Waiting for version 2.

  11. sharpsone

    Not sure why people give a crap about the sits on a shelf and collects dust. Who cares if it's shiny with the premium look. Are u really gonna spit and shine a console c'mon now. What really matters is the performance!

  12. bsd107

    Is the controller any different than the one which ships with XBox One S?

  13. bsd107

    I really hope XBox One X makes the dashboard respond faster. Yes, Fall Update sped things up quite a bit. But there are still short but maddening delays constantly. Navigating around makes it feel like my D-pad is not responding, but it is actually the interface lagging. Ridiculous.....

  14. nbplopes

    I like the looks. A simple clean look packing what it looks like tons of horsepower.

    Pair that with robustness and power delivery and we might have a winner.

    if it does not stutter ... there lies the true magic.

    Lookinf foreword with some expectation.

  15. potzy1

    I always think it's lame the gave you one controller. Should always come with two

  16. BoItmanLives

    Now if only some new exclusives would arrive.

  17. woelfel

    Game on.

  18. Chris Hedlund

    Is 1TB of storage enough? My son has the 2TB Xbox One S and is using over 800GB of the storage, which would be close to full if it had a 1TB drive...

    • Simard57

      In reply to Chris_Hedlund:

      can the Xbox drive be user upgraded?

      TiVo made this easy - the OS is not on the drive so swapping in larger is pretty easy! Hope this is true for Xbox as well

      • daveevad

        In reply to Simard57:

        I'm not sure why someone down-voted you here. Not everyone knows everything about the Xbox...

        Anyhow, no, Microsoft does not allow user replaceable HDDs. As a consolation they do however have a pretty seamless ability to use External USB drives. The only stipulation (check the FAQs) is that it be USB 3.0 & be larger than 256gb.

        Hope that helps.

        • Simard57

          In reply to daveevad:

          I checked to see their instructions for replacing the drive. I know this voids the warranty but it only partially answered by question.

          I was wondering if the OS is on the hard drive or if it is on other storage in the Xbox. Earlier versions of TiVo required an extensive transfer operation from the old drive to the new one - the newer version store the OS on separate media and use the disk for recordings. I would hazard upgrading the 1TB for a 2 or 3TB if there was little hassle in it. I don't want to have to reimage one drive to the other...

    • Mestiphal

      In reply to Chris_Hedlund:

      enough for like 3 or 4 games

    • Ryster

      In reply to Chris_Hedlund:

      I had the same thought. Games on Xbox One X are going to be much bigger too after the 4K assets are downloaded, and you will be downloading those 4K assets, otherwise there wouldn't be much point owning this model of Xbox One. The need for external drives is going to be great with this console I reckon.

    • chaad_losan

      In reply to Chris_Hedlund:

      It's totally not enough, especially with 4k games. I hope they will come out with a 4TB Anthem themed XBOX ONE X next year. But you can always plug in any large USB hard drive and store games and videos on that. So it's not really a deal breaker.

  19. ErichK

    Admit it Paul, you love your job. :)

  20. gregsedwards

    That's a lot of "box" for one headline. ?

  21. daveevad

    I, for one, cannot wait to hear Paul's thoughts on the fan noise (if any). Fingers crossed hoping that this thing isn't a leaf blower under my TV.

  22. RouseKK

    I wonder if using an external drive will still offer better performance than using the internal drive like it does now with the One S.

    • bsd107

      In reply to RouseKK:

      i also wonder if it would be worth using an external SSD as compared to the internal drive on XBox One X. The SSD would be held back a bit by USB 3.0, but would still probably be faster - I love to know by how much. Seagate even markets an external SSD branded for XBone. The problem is that the small size forces you to trade speed for capacity.

      I wish XBone supported two USB drives at a time. Then could have most games on an external spinning drive, and have the most demanding or recently played games moved to an external SSD. Would allow best of both worlds...

  23. Kadren

    Thanks for the unboxing. It was probably the only thing that will ever interest me about Xbox One X, because the consol looks great, but feels absolutely unnecessary. It's regular One with nothing new to bring to the table.